Andaman And Nikobar Islands: The Great Nikobar Islands


Nikobar Islands:

The naked habitants of the Island used to live their lives in the middle of the green nature previously. The adjoining ocean is always violent. Nicobar is formed with 28 Islands. 12 among those islands have modern facilities and services for civilized throng where as tribes are the natural inhabitants of 11 Islands. Doors of these Islands are closed for the tourists to uphold the tribal population. But a special permission will allow you to visit Great Nicobar Island.
Kar Nicobar, the largest Island of Nicobar, is located at the north most corner of Nicobar. Kar Nicobar is the head quarter of Nicobar. The dwellers of Nicobar are quite simple, quiet and love to enjoy their lives. Nicobari tribes are far more civilized compared to the other tribes of Andaman and Nicobar. 7 feet tall Tochuvi Pati, the homes of Nicobari tribes, are not visible on the Island anymore. They have adopted city lifestyles and that reflects on the architecture of their homes with corrugated roof.  A striking blend of tribal ethnicity and modern lifestyles are seen on the tribal homes. They please themselves with their traditional form of dance and music. They believe in Kareu, the customary deity who protects them from all evil.

The plains are placed in the shades of trees. The height of the north-west tip is 61 meters. The game of fight, boat ride, untamed elephants in Interview Island, Indira point and different sea beaches are the interesting things of Nicobar. Ships are connecting Campbell Bay of Nicobar to Port Blair.

The island of coral, Chaora, is a place which will surely amuse you for its submerged life and beautiful natural locale. The sea waves are hitting the beach fiercely. More than thousands of people are living on this Island.
Interested crowd should visit Teresso, covered with soaring grass. Kachal is fabulous for viewing the vista of the enamoring sunrise. In the new millennium, people from different parts of the world had gathered on the beach of Kachal to witness the awesome sight of the sunrise. Inundated corals and golden sands of the beach are the enticements. More than 5000 Nicobari tribes are living here.

The nearby Nankouri and Kamato Islands will also fascinate holiday makers for their natural beauty. Farmlands on the islands look impressive. Hoshnu tribes are the dwellers of these Islands. Nankouri and Kamato Islands are surrounded by Etui, Manark, Champion, Changua and many more Islands. War shooters positioned on the 70-80 feet tall tila depict the Japanese customs.

Great Nicobar, the largest Island of Nicobar, is situated at the south corner of Nicobar Islands. Kampbell Bay, the Port of Great Nicobar Island, is the liveliest destination of Great Nicobar Island. Sampen, the oldest of all the tribes, are the inhabitants in the deep forest, located on both the banks of Nicobari and Gyalathia Rivers. Their cultures and lifestyles are still in the darkness. They collect their foods from the natural resources present in the woodlands.

Indira point, about 50 km towards the south of Nicobar, was previously known as Pygmolian point.

South Bay, the wonderful beach, covering an area of 10 km, is located on the way to Indira Point. In winters, Giant Leather Back Turtles, come here from all over the world. It’s a remarkable sight. Gyalathia River is meeting the sea here in South Bay.

The tourism infrastructure has not yet been developed in Great Nicobar Island. Ships are going to different places of Nicobar from Phoenix Bay.

To visit Dugang creek, the living place for Ongi communities, in Hut Bay Island, you need to ask for a special permission. The one and only waterfall of Andaman, about 5 km away from the city, is located in Hut Bay Island.

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The sea beach situated at a distance of 14 km from Hut Bay is another coveted beach of Nicobar. Vivekanandapur Dam, about 28 km from the city and Agricultural farm, about 19 km away from the city are the other imperative attractions of Nicobar.

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