Andaman And Nikobar Islands: Port Blair


Port Blair :
The scenic beauty of the Port Blair is beyond the imagination and the way through the wonderful ocean is also very attractive. The small and large waves can be a cause of hitch at times for many but the astonishment in watching the flying fishes, Dolphin, Shark, and dancing Sushuk will keep you engaged through out your journey. The magnificence of the ocean changes quite often with the changing color of its waves. It looks awesome in moonlit.

You can get Auto, taxi, moped and bicycles on hire. Steamers and ships are available for a trip to a specific Island from another one. The joyful ride will amuse you a lot. If you like to spend your days in complete solace and lavishness, then it is prudent and wise to avail a tour package organized by tourism department. 

Start your journey from Phoenix bay which is located on the lap of the bus stand. Your soft heart will surely understand the pain of the contemporary victims who spent their tough days behind the bars of adjoining Cellular Jail.
Visit Fisheries museum and Marine Park. Climb higher up to the top of the Haddo hill after watching anthropological museum, mini zoo and forest museum which are standing on the same row. The central part of the city houses zoological museum, cottage industries, and Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan. Watch Corbines cove sagarbela at the southern corner of Andaman and Dilthaman tank. Look at the ocean from a different perspective while you walk through the viaduct to visit Chatham Island.

Enjoy the gratifying vista of sunset from Abardin. The crystal clear water of the blue ocean looks amazing from marine hill. Bamboo flat, Rite Mao, Wimco factory, Botanical garden, Fhuchi chang Buddha Math, Tower clock, Temple of Kali deity, Ramkrishna temple, Grugaon temple, and Radhakrishna temple are the other sought after destinations. Ride on a boat with fiber glass to look at the unfamiliar sprinkled stones, spirited fishes, and plenty of known and unknown animals under the sea water. Try to be there in February to watch and enjoy the tourism festival which continues for ten days.

Watching the suave of the sea beaches like Kalighat, Little Andaman, Kachal and Malakka around the remarkable Port Blair is an enticing experience. The fascination of viewing fishes and animals under the translucent water in Kamotar is beyond belief. Watch the charming natural milieu along with its dazzling golden sands of Long Island, located at 82 km from Phoenix Bay. The locality is formed surrounding the ply wood factory. A guest house is also available here.

The rugged Port Blair is the capital of Andaman. The small town looks awesome with Indian Ocean all around. The land of the Port Blair is set in the green woods. The width of the city varies from 2 to 5 km. Port Blair has every modern facilities like airport, wide roads and big wooden cottage like homes. The swaying trees and transparent water will always welcome you. All the conveniences and services are available around the Abardin. Approximately 203968 and 39021 citizens are living in Andaman and Nicobar respectively.

Cellular Jail: Cellular Jail, one of the most gruesome Jails in India, was inaugurated and was built gradually spending as much as 5, 17, 352 rupees. Initially, it had a capacity of confining 600 prisoners. The pleasing view of the mountain and ocean meeting at a side of the marine will fascinate tourists. The three storied Jail had 698 cells in its 7 wings. However 4 of the 7 cells have been destroyed during the intrusion of Japanese force and also due to the earthquake in 1941. 296 cells exist in the Jail now. The space inside is not sufficient for a normal human being to stay. But it used to be a forceful confinement which was really pathetic for the sufferers. Take the pleasure in the sight of the charming environment around from the towering tower, located on the Jail premise. A number of freedom fighters during 1858 to 1938 were victimized and secluded. Central Jail used to be a permanent confinement for them. 336 names of prisoners are written on the walls of the first floor of the Jail. Don’t miss the video “Man in search of Man” which shows the stories of olden times along with the lifestyles of Jaroa and Ongi tribes.

After the independence of India, Pantha hospital, Jail, national memorial temple, national memorial art gallery were built occupying the huge space of the Jail. Son-et-Lumiere, the exhibition displays the battle of the freedom fighters. It also tells the story of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. You can choose the language (Hindi or English) in which you want to see the show.

Water sport complex: One of the important aspects for which this place is known is the frolic and fantasies that it has to offer to the tourists in the arena water sports. Especially the sports complex has anything and everything for the younger generations. The complex will not let down the children as well; it has toy train and assortments of fun rides which will definitely please the soft hearts of your children. A specially designed amusement park for the children called the Children Traffic Park has a lot of arrangements for the children to teach them small but important practical lessons in life. Boating and watching under water flora and fauna are the amusing experiences. Watch the commemorative, “memorial of the battle of abardin”, placed right at the entrance of the sports complex. Dilamathan, the location of the sports complex and also the heart of Port Blair, has a water tank which was the main resource for drinking water previously. A Japanese temple was also there but it is in ruins now. This is a wonderful destination for the picnic and outing lovers. 

Tourists who have not yet seen the cellular Jail can also walk upstairs to Cellular Jail through the nearby stairways. The adjoining Netaji stadium and Ramkrishna Mission atop the Marina are other interesting tourist destinations.
Gandhi Park: Besides the Children’s Park, Amusement Park, Deer Park, Water Sports Complex, Japanese Temple, Lake, Garden, Restaurant, the Gandhi Park is another imperative attraction for the tourists. Enjoy the beauty of creeks and under water marine in the museum. House of the king or Governor House can also be seen, located beside the Gandhi Park.

Fisheries Museum: On the startling banks of the sea, the museum is located. More than 350 species of animals including crocodiles, sharks, and dolphins are there in the museum. If you come to Port Blair then this is a must visit place for you. The museum remains closed on national holidays and Mondays.

Jimkhana Ground: Jimkhana ground is famous for its historical importance. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the leader of Ajad Hind Army, has flaunted the tri colored Indian flag in the ground with lot of pride. The incident is still remembered all over India. Take a pleasant walk in and around the ground. 

Zoological Museum: The exhibition of 200 species of animals in zoological museum, located at the middle point of the city, attracts a large number of holiday makers. To witness the tribal cultural excellences, visit the cottage industries emporium. Buy some interesting items which depict the ethnicity and tradition of the tribes.
Anthropological museum, located near to Haddo, shows the lifestyles and cultures of the ethnic island habitants through various models and light works. Handicrafts are also there on display for the tourists. Gaze at the traditional lifestyles of the tribes, their weapons, and clothes.

Naval Marine Museum: Naval Marine Museum, located at the opposite side of Til house, houses a large variety of underwater flora and fauna along with various rare items. It has a very good collection of undersea marine.  Information on different aspects of the sought after Island can also be collected from the Naval Marine Museum.
Mini Zoo: Crocodiles, more than 200 types of marines, and endemic birds are imperative enticements of the Mini Zoo.
On the way to Mini Zoo, the Forest Museum of Haddo, houses corals and varieties of birds on various models coupled with atypical woods of the forest of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. To watch the vista of the panoramic Indian Ocean, take a walk to the hills of Haddo.

Chatham’s Mill, about 2 km towards the north of Haddo, is the oldest and largest show house of Asia. Huge tree trunks or Bonga Cherai are getting bisected here. Cross the adjoining viaduct to see the tropical vegetations along with marble and satin. More than 1000 efficient people are working here. They also have another show room in Haddo. Economical problems have taken its toll on the conditions of the show rooms. Ships which leave Kolkata touch Chatham on its way to Andaman.

Korbyn’s Cove Sagorebela: The Corbyn’s Cove, land of white sand beach, hidden by the swaying coconut and nutmeg plants, about 7 km off the city, fascinates nature lovers for its captivating and majestic greeneries. The reflection of clear and blue sky on the emerald sea water creates a wonderful sight. Take a cool bath in the crystal clear water and enjoy the heavenly beauty of the nature at the same time. The riveting beach glows with the touch of the first sun light of the day. Ships and boats move to and fro on the adjoining sea. The place has a special charm for the people who are fond of picnic and spree. Hire a yacht to go to the Black Island and neighboring snake Island.
Peerless resort, Hornbill guest house and government guest house are the places where you can stay overnight. If you go to these hotels by bus then you have to walk for one km. But you can always hire a car or auto. The airport is just 4 km away from Korbyn’s Cove.

Chidiyatapu: Chidiya Tapu, about 25 km towards the southern corner of South Andaman, is located in a serene environment. The contiguous mountains are sheltered in a dark and opaque mangrove woods. The national Park is covering an area of 280 square km of lands and 15 Islands are there in the forest. Take the pleasure in the wonderful environs around the emerald water where spirited and playful fishes enjoy with sunken marine. Different colorful butterflies and prevalent birds on the branches of the trees will amuse and entertain the tourists. Don’t forget to sit quietly on the sea beach to stare at the agreeable spectacle of the sunset. Spend quality time here with your loved ones. About 17 km away from the city, at Burma nala, the huge activities that are going on with the help of expert and well trained elephants will surely catch your eyes. Hire a private vehicle to enjoy the scenic environment to the fullest on the way to Chidiya Tapu.

Interested travelers can stay at the Forest Guest House, located on the top of Tila. But it is wise to get back to Port Blair on the same day after visiting Chidiya Tapu. 
Chinkui Island: The sandy road is acting as a link between two hilly Islands here. The destination has not yet got the recognition as an imperative tourist attraction but it is going to be a hot and coveted tourist spot in near future. Dancing dolphins in the transparent water are the special enticements. Submerged corals and isolated beach are the fortes of Chinkui, located at a distance of 39 km from Port Blair. Take a walk through the beach hidden in the forest. If you hire a boat from Chidiya Tapu for two hours then you can watch each and every part of Chinkui. You can also avail a package tour organized by different travel agents.

Vaiper Island: Vaiper Island, the petite but beautiful Island, located at the entrance of Port Blair port, attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Before the inauguration of the Cellular Jail, the Jail was in Vaiper Island which has got its name according to the name of a ship. Get to know about the dark history by the light and sound show. Nearby Dugang creek shows an assortments of wooden homes of Ongi tribes.
Lakshmibai Island (Ross Island): The Island covers an expansive terrain of 0.6 square km. The untouched sandy beach houses the wreck of light house, church, chief commissioner’s house, hospital, tennis court and symmetry which recall the memories of yester years. A lot of British mausoleums have lost their shine now. The chronology of the Island has been depicted artistically on many items kept in the adjoining museum. The secluded island doesn’t have any inhabitants but peacocks and deer stroll in and around the Island. The Island is wrapped by the soaring mangrove trees. Inundated corals are also visible on the island. Walk around the island to watch the British memories. Hire a guide alongside.

A Tourist lodge will be operational in near future. Although the drinking water is available on the Island but it is wise to carry foods along with you.

Mount Harriet: The primeval outing spot of British chief commissioner, located at the northern part of Port Blair, is well known for its startling natural milieu. The highest point of south Andaman, the Mount Harriet (365 meters), offers a bird’s eye view of Port Blair city and the bordering Ocean. Tourists like the vista of the sunrise from the peak of Harriet. It is a lovable picnic spot amidst the pleasing cosmos.
Buses and taxis are going to Mount Harriet regularly, about 58 km away from Port Blair city. Trekkers can trek to the Mount Harriet as well from Hope Town which is 10 km away from Port Blair if you avail a ship. Recently Mount Harriet has got the status of a National Park. Madhuban, situated at the east of Mount Harriet has an elephant training centre.
There is a forest rest house situated on top of the Mount Harriet.


Sippighat: Sippighat Agricultural Farm, swelling over an area of 80 acres, located at a distance of 15 km from Port Blair, is a research centre of different flowers, fruits, and vegetations. Well stretched farmlands have vegetations like coconut, rubber and etc.

SAI Water Sports Complex organizes a range of water sports events. There is also a recreational swimming pool which is dedicated to the tourists. Avail the conducted tour from Port Blair for a pleasing and comfortable trip. Buses are also going to Sippighat from Port Blair in every half an hour.

Wandur: The entrance of the National Park falls in the territory of wandoor, located at a distance of 30 km from Port Blair. A large number of nature lovers come to Wandoor to visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, which is covering a sprawling area of 281.5 square km. The emerald water has a lot of colorful corals which are known to be the assets of the national Park. The boat ride through the narrow water cannels on the beautiful lucid water surface is fascinating. The well protected boats with fiber glasses all around will help you to see more than 500 species of corals and other animated creatures. Gripping greeneries of mangrove forest on the both banks of the cannel will offer you a splendid cool shade. 15 neighboring Islands make the national park. Maze like Islands called Grub, Boar, Red Skin, Chester, Jolly Buoy are the specialties of Mahatma Gandhi National Park. The size of the islands is not that big but the undulating Islands offer tourists an astonishing view of the colorful soaking corals. Angel fish, Star fish, yellow butterflies, wood pickers and sharks increase the pleasure of trip of the heavenly national Park. Jolly Buoy Island is the most attractive one.

Alexander Island, about 2 km away from the National Park will also attract a large number of tourists in near future when it will have the modern amenities. Swim and watch the inundated corals for inexplicable experiences.
Another fascinating Island which offers a beautiful sight of underwater corals is Red Skin. The cave is located in the north of Red Skin where as ever green forests are situated in east and southern side of the fastidious Island. A waterfall of sweet water is also there in Red Skin Island. Carry drinking water and packed foods to Red Skin Island along with you. This is marked as a plastic free zone.

Even though the beach, located adjacent to the Port Blair bus stand is not that striking but you can spend some time in the afternoon sitting on the beach. The coral museum, placed adjacent to the port of Port Blair should also be seen. Wandoor is popularly known in the National Park as the cross land which links Red Skin and Jolly Buoy islands.

Havlock Island: The land of sunrise, located at a distance of 50 km away from Port Blair, Havlock Island is blessed with the lash green surrounds. The rugged Island is covering 100 square km of sandy beach. The white colored beach beams with the shining sun. The transparent water displays an assortment of submerged corals and colorful species of fishes. Savor the taste of the king coconut. Ships are going to Havlock Island from Port Blair in 2 hours. Some ships take more than 3 hrs times as well. You will get 4 hours time to stay and visit the places of Havlock Island. Watch the playful dolphins while you enjoy the ship ride. The transparent blue water of the ocean looks awesome.
Interested people can stay at Dolphin Resort which is situated at a distance of 4 km from the Port of Havlock Island. Silver Sand Beach Resort, Wild Orchid Beach Resort, Coconut Grove Eco Friendly Huts, M S Guest House and Sea View Tourist Complex are the other notable places where you can also stay at.

Radhanagar Beach, about 20 km from Havlock Island, can be reached from Havlock by road. Semi circular beach fascinates with its nature. The beach is set in the astonishing forests and rising and falling hills. The marvelous sight of the sunset in the middle of the natural backdrop will offer you a pleasing experience. But if you are interested in viewing the sunrise and sunset, then you have to stay overnight at Radhanagar.

Apart from Dolphin Resort, Jungle Resort and Harmony Resort, a number of private hotels are also available in Radhanagar. You can also arrange and stay at the camp in the lap of the nature. Refer to our hotel booking links at the end of the page.

Neil Island: Small but attractive Island, situated at a distance of 36 km from Port Blair, is covering an expansive area of 18.90 square km. Even though not many tourists are interested in this Island but the naturalness of Sitapur beach is really wonderful. Inundated corals, golden sands and lash green nature have everything to entertain nature lovers. Some farmlands are also there in the beach. The distance to Neil Island is reduced to some extent if you start from Havlock Island.
Hawabill Nest, Tango Beach Resort, Coco Huts and Pearl Park Beach Resort are the noteworthy hotels available in Neil Island.

Maya Bunder: Maya Bunder, the charming land of North Andaman, is located at a distance of 240 km from Port Blair and can be accessed by Government and by private buses from Port Blair. The startling way to Maya Bunder is hidden in the darkness of the forests. In some portions of the way you all will be escorted by the army while the bus goes through the impenetrable Jaroa Reserve forest which is covering a straggling terrain of 657 square km. The simple and ethnic tribes, Jaroa are the indwellers of the Jaroa reserve forest. You can see people of Jaroa community on your way to Maya Bunder. They love to take the foods from the tourists. But they are not that vindictive and harmful. Jaroa people who are still very cruel and pitiless are living inside the deep and impassable woods. Ride on a boat from Fhinix bay to Bamboo flat and watch the traditional small homes of Jaroa tribes.
Rangat, about 170 km away from Port Blair towards Maya Bunder, is popularly known for its lingering beach. The road to Maya Bunder is touching the sea beach of Rangat. Enjoy the color of the virgin nature around the place when the first ray of the sun hugs the agreeable green place. During December- April thousands of turtles flock in.

Hawksbill Nest, Cutbert Bay, APWD Guest House, Hotel Avis and Harekrishna Lodge are the hotels in Rangat where you can stay overnight. Hawksbill nest also arranges a packaged tour to Maya Bunder, Karmatang, and Pokhadera.

The nearby Amakunja beach, about 8 km from Rangat, is another romantic destination for the tourists. Adjoining Panchabati offers a captivating sunrise.

The nature is very generous on the way to Maya Bunder. The congested Maya Bunder is famous for its emerald sea water and inundated flora and fauna. This is one of the most important business sea ports of Andaman as well. School, college, market and even helipad are also there.

Karmateng, about 12 km away from the city, the serene destination, has a U shaped beach which is 1 km long. The destination, in the shades of gripping greeneries, can be accessed by Bus, auto and taxi from the market of Maya Bunder. Burmese residential complex and the second college of Andaman are located in Maya Bunder.
Swiftlet Resort is the only option available where you can stay for a night. To enjoy the beauty of the ocean you can start your journey in the ocean on a speed boat. The swaying coconut trees in Ratnadweep Avis will fill up the emptiness of your humdrum life. Even though the tourists don’t have permission to get down at the Barren Island, situated at a distance of 50 km from Maya Bunder but they can gaze at the Island from the ship.

APWD Rest House, Vanvikas Eco Tourism Rest House, and N Sand Hotel & Restaurant are the hotels in Maya Bunder where you can stay at.

Diglipur, previously known as Port Cornwallis, about 54 km towards the north of Maya Bunder, is a fun land. The reflection of the sunlight on the lucid water land is worth seeing. Orange orchards are there all over the Diglipur. Enjoy the tranquility of Ramnagar Beach, about 36 km from Maya Bunder. Located at a distance of 25 km from Maya Bunder, Kalipur Beach is another coveted beach. Hydro Electric Project, on Kalpong River, should also be seen. Saddle peak (732 meters), the highest peak of Andaman, is situated in Diglipur.
Hire a car to go to Kalipur and then trek 5 km higher up to Saddle peak. You can also hire a guide alongside.
Turtle Resort in Kalipur is an available option for you where you can stay at.
Enthusiasts can visit Little Andaman Island, the land of Bengali refugees who came from eastern Pakistan and established themselves there. The Island is connected to Maya Bunder by ships.

How to reach: Port Blair is well connected to Kolkata, Vishakhapatnam and Chennai by water transport and by air.
Where to say: Andam Teal House, Circuit House, Rest House, Municipal Guest House and Aerial Bay Rest House in Andaman. Circuit House, Dolphin Resort, Howabill Nest, and Mount Harriet in Nicobar.

Where to Stay: Just refer to our hotel booking links below for options.

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