Andhra Pradesh: Horsley


Horsley, previously known as Enugu Mallamma Konda, situated at an altitude of 1265 meters, is the only hilly health resort in Andhra which is located on Purbaghat hills. The wonderful natural backdrop of the hillock is concealed in the dimness of soaring palash, piyal, segun, deodar, eucalyptus, gulmahar and mango trees. The temperate weather of Horsley entices many. Cool breeze around in summers creates a sensation. Enjoy the panoramic sunset in the salubrious climate standing on top of the view point. The nearby Nature Study Centre has atypical collections of natural resources, astonishing assortments of orchids and a rich library. The old eucalyptus tree (35 meters tall and 43 meters wide) of Horsley fascinates tourists as well.

Interested trekkers should trek to Rishikonda valley, lies 9 km higher up from Horsley hills. The place has a popular school, built by Jiddu Krishnamurti. Temple lovers can hire a vehicle to visit Anugu Malammar temple, situated at a distance of 20 km towards the southern tip of Rishikonda.

Innumerable indigenous and itinerant birds sing in concert in the enamoring valley. Cronba, Golla, Chenchu and many more tribes are the natural dwellers of the traditional Horsley hills.
Nature has to offer endless joy to the nature lovers. Besides the naturalness of the Horsley hills, nature lovers should also take the pleasure in the charming Sri Venkateshwar National Park (138 km), mesmerizing Koundina Wildlife sanctuary (87 km) and hypnotic Talkonda Biosphere Reserve (114 km).

Don’t forget to visit Madanapalli, located at an elevation of 746 meters. The place offers a fascinating natural locale in the middle of much needed serenity. Hrishi valley school amidst the majestic nature is quite popular in the proximity. The Durga or Baminidevi temple on the adjoining Baminikonda hills and TB sanatorium are other coveted spots of Madnapalli. 

Buses are regularly going to Madanpalli from Bangalore and Tirupati. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach Madanapalli from Bangalore or Tirupati.

Penukonda: Penukonda or the big mountain is another hillock, located adjacent to the Horsley hills at a height of 934 meters. The place recalls the history of the yester years in the wreck of innumerable edifices. The ancient fort (at the lower elevation), Parshnath temple with breathtaking fine arts, fine-looking mosque of Sher Ali, astounding Gagan Mahal and awe-inspiring Sriram and Shiva temple are the noteworthy attractions of Penukonda.
Even though it is quite tough to find a hotel with quality services but few normal hotels are there at your service.
How to reach: Madnapalli is connected to Horsley hills by road. Buses take 3 hours to Madnapally from Bangalore and it is only one hour journey by road to Horsley hills from Madnapally. Madnapally is connected to Guntakal and Pakala by railways as well.

Where to stay: Haritha Hill Resort, Mount Pleasant Rest House, Forest Rest House and Forest Bungalow.
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