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Jepur, about 27 km from Koraput, is well known as a business hub of Koraput district. Suryamahal palace is the prime and most important destination of Jepur. However, a Government office is operating now from the ancient Suryamahal palace. Historical Darbar hall, located at the doorway of the palace and Ram-Sita-Lakshman temple, placed at the opposite side of Darbar hall are the primary and hot attractions of the palace. Holy Krishna temple, located adjacent to the Ram-Sita temple, is known as another sacred temple. Take a walk to watch these temples and the palace. Dussera utsav (festival) is the main festival of Jepur.

Ramgiri hill, about 45 km from Jepur, is the motherland of the Konda tribes. The name of the place can also be seen in the epic Ramayana.

Ramgiri hills can be accessed by bus from Jepur in 2 hours.

Gupteswar, about 20 km from Ramgiri, the holy temple, still entices pilgrims for the deity Gupteswar Shiva. The temple is situated atop the hilly tila, at an elevation of 500 feet.
Gupteswar can be accessed by road from Jepur and Jagdalpur. Plan the trip to Gupteswar wisely and avoid the rainy seasons.
PWD IB, Rest House, Revenue Rest Shed and Panthasala of OTDC are few notable places where holiday makers can stay for a night.

Nandapur, the old capital of Jepur, is renowned to the tourists for its unique throne which resembles the throne of the king Vikramaditya. The throne with 32 stair steps looks excellent for its architectural flair and the artistic creation of the old era. The ganapati temple which has a height of 1.8 meters is another imperative attraction of Nandapur. The Jain Math of Surai is another attraction of Nandapur.
Tourists can stay at PWD IB in Nandapur.
Nandapur is connected to Jepur by bus and it takes approximately 3 hours to reach Nandapur. Hire a car to visit Surai from Nandapur.

The stream of the waterfall, located at an elevation of 165 meters in Duduma, about 70 km from Surai, is coming down to the plains of Duduma to meet Machkunda River. A special permission will allow you to take a boat ride in the reservoir of Machkunda Hydel Power plant. The plant is operating  6 turbines.

Avail a bus to Onkavelly from Jepur. A bus, arranged by the project authority, will take you to the Hydel Power Plant. Another enticement of Onkavelley is its tribal fair which is observed on every Thursday. You can also hire a car and visit Machkunda and Duduma at one go.
Tourists can stay at PWD IB in Duduma.

Another water power plant is installed in Balimela, about 114 km from Jepur. Watch the dam in Chitrakonda on Sileru River, situated at a distance of 23 km from Balimela. The environment around the dam is mind blowing.

Chitrakonda can be accessed from Jepur in 3 hours.
Project Guest House in Chitrakonda is the only available option for the tourists where they can stay for a night. Hotel Basanti, Hotel Rock Hill, Hotel Konark and Hotel Malyabanta are the notable hotels of Malkangiri or Dandakaranya.
Vijayanagaram, about 60 km away from Vishakhapatnam, can be accessed by road from various cities of Andhra Pradesh. The chief attraction of Vijayanagaram is its huge Lake which is 1 mile away from the Vijayanagaram railway station. The beautiful and colossal Lake of Vijayanagaram looks even more riveting with the palace which is placed in the middle of the Lake. However, the classes of the college are now taking place in the rooms of the palace.
Hotel Vijayoynagaram, Surya Lodge, Jamini Lodge and Sri Saikripa Lodge are few noteworthy hotels of Vijoynagaram.
Ramtirhtam or spring, about 11 km towards north-east of Bhimatipatnam, is another nearby destination. Ram temple, Buddha and Jain pilgrimage spots, situated in the proximity should be seen as well.
How to reach: Jepur is connected to Koraput by road.

Where to stay: Hotel Shankar, Shanti Nivas Lodge, Hotel Oorvasi, Apsara Lodge, Trimurti Lodge, Woodland Lodge and Krishna Lodge.
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