Andhra Pradesh: Koraput


Koraput, located adjacent to Dandakaranya, at an elevation of 2990 feet, will rejuvenate your soul with its fascinating nature. Wandering birds of Koraput smell the sweet smells of wild flowers. Kaya, Garba, Kanadh, Pan and Banda tribes are the city dwellers. Located in the middle of Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Koraput, is the head quarter of Koraput district. 

Picturesque Koraput is a heaven for nature lovers. The calm and quiet town, away from the vociferous city life, attracts travelers from faraway places. The ethnic instruments of the tribes break the silence of the tranquil valley, especially at nights. The place is also rich in minerals.

The sanctified Jagannath temple, located atop the tila (hillock), was built in 1972. Climb up to the top of the temple crossing 175 stairways. During Rath Yatra and Dol, tribes congregate on the temple premise from various places.
Shabar Cultural Research Centre, located adjacent to the temple, is another coveted destination of Koraput.

Shiva temple and church are also there at the hilltop. The traditional yearly tribal utsav (festival), celebrated in the month of December, will conquer your heart.

The upper Kolba dam, about 22 km from Koraput, is famous for its installed water power plant. The waterfall on the Kolba River, located at a distance of 35 km from the dam, is a treat to the eyes. The River looks amazing from the Maliguda railway bridge, the 2nd largest railway bridge of India, situated on the way towards Jepur. The largest aluminum factory of Nalco of India is also located in Kolba. The journey to Jepur from Salur offers unforgettable vistas.  
How to reach: Koraput can be accessed from Kolkata and Chennai by a number of trains.

Where to stay: Mahalakshmi Lodge, murlikrishna Lodge, PWD IB, Forest Rest House and Dandakaranya Guest House.
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