Andhra Pradesh: Lepakhi


The famous and sanctified temple of Lepakhi was built by the saint Agastya.

The architectural sculptures of the temple, carved on the granite stones, are found on the dotted buildings of the temple. South Indian patent and eminent fine arts are prominent on the Natya Mandap, Artha (wealth) Mandap and Kalyan Mandap. The prime temple is designed deliberately in three contiguous parts. The incomplete Kalyan Mandap is surprisingly standing on 42 monolithic pillars and depicts the special architectures of Vijayanagari. Some people opine that the temple was built by two brothers, Birupanna and Bhiranna. Shiva and Parwati are two chief deities who are worshipped in the temple. Apart from the main deities, Papneshwar, Raghunath and Virabhadra are also present in the temple. The colorful walls, ceiling and pillars look amazing for their architectural excellences. The front end of the ceiling of Veerbhadra temple displays the largest mural picture of Asia.

4.57*8.23 meters idol of Nandi engraved on one granite stone, located at a distance of half km from Virabhadra temple, depicts the classic architectural flair. The mural pictures and fine arts of the temple look magical. The expert touch of a proficient artist is visible on the aesthetics of the temple. Numerous mythological tales are imprinted on the mural pictures of the temple. The timeless charm of the temple looks amazing for its carved idols. 18 feet tall snake lingam, 7 feet tall Ganapati snake lingam; royal women idols wearing beautiful ornaments, various unknown pictures on the ceiling, architectures using hair and utensils are the major allurements of the temple.

Puttaparthi, another pilgrimage spot, located at a distance of 68 km from Lepakhi, is renowned for the ashram of Sri Satya Sain Baba.

How to reach: Lepakhi is well connected to Bangalore (136 km) and Anantapur (108 km) by road. You can also avail a train from Bangalore to Guntakal and get down at Hindupur. Again you have to take a bus to Lepakhi from Hindupur. Lepakhi is 16 km away from Hindupur.

Where to stay: Lodges and hotels are available in Hindupur. Hindupur Tourism Complex, Palla Residency and many more lodges are there in Hindupur.
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