Andhra Pradesh: Rajahmundry


Rajahmundry, lies on the eastern banks of Godavari River, is renowned for the hallowed Markandeya swami and Kotilingeshwar temples. Markandeya temple houses deities, Har parbati, Narayan and surya (sun) where as the Kotilingeshwar temple, about 2 km away from Markandeya temple, houses the deity, Shiva. The dravid architectures are quite prominent on the walls of the temple. People from faraway places assemble on the temple premises to worship the deities. It is a norm to worship the ten forms of the deity, Vishnu in each and every temple in the locale. The sacred Ram-Sita temple is also located in the propinquity.

Seven streams of wide Godavari River are paving there ways through the valley and are meeting with the Bay of Bengal. A 12 days long Pushkar Tirthm fiesta is observed here in every 12 years. The fair allures a number of tourists and pilgrims. Innumerable deities reside on the banks of the River but Devi Durga is the main among them. Sarada Devi has also appeared here. To commemorate her visit, a memorial of Sarada devi is also built on the River banks.
The temple atop the Sri Ram Giri hill, about 7 km away from Rajahmundry, is another imperative and hot attraction for the spiritual throng.

Ardent tourists can enjoy a boat ride on Godavari River and on the neighboring pond.

A lot of mythological tales are associated with the name of Rajahmundry. The combat ground where the war between Ram and Ravan took place is situated at a distance of 25 km from Rajahmundry. Hot spring, Sri Rallabandi Subharao Government Museum and RSR Government museum are the other sought after destinations. The second largest bridge on Godavari River is standing on 56 pillars. The view of the city on the banks of Godavari River can be watched from the train.
The river Godavari looks different all together in rainy seasons. Buy carpets from Rajahmundry to recall the trip in future.

Witness the ruins of the ancient capital of the French kings, situated at a distance of 5 km from Rajahmundry city.
Ardent tourists should visit Godavari barrage. Tourists can see Srilanka, the small Island from the Godavari barrage. Picturesque Kadiapulanka village (8 km), Keshab swami temple at the meeting place of Basishtha and Goutami Rivers, Mandeshwari swami temple (28 km), temple of sainbaba (10 km), Ayappa temple in dwarpuri (25 km), Kakinada sea port (55 km), the Hindu Shakti Pitha Drakharama and Chalukya temple in summercoat (15 km) are other nearby coveted destinations.

Papikondalu wildlife sanctuary, about 50 km from Rajahmundry, is covering a rambling area of 591 square km. Koringa wildlife sanctuary, located at a distance of 70 km from Rajahmundry, has a large variety of mangrove trees.
Both of these sanctuaries are connected to Rajahmundry by road. You can avail a bus or hire a car to visit these sanctuaries comfortably.

Interested travelers who want to enjoy the views of the prolonged sea can avail a package of APTDC for half day to visit various places of the dark Papikondalu forest riding on a boat.

More than 250 nurseries were formed in 1980 to export various rare and atypical plants to overseas countries. More than 10 lakhs plants are exported every year. The gigantic processes and workloads of the nurseries are handled very systematically.

Dindi, the place known as the dreamland of south India, located at a distance of 78 km, can be accessed by road. Take the pleasure in the house boat ride on Kal Godavari, one of the tributaries of Godavari River and stay in the house boat for a night. The mind blowing trip is arranged by APTDC. The heavenly Dindi, enclose by the soaring coconut trees, simply looks marvelous. The blue water of the Kal Godavari River and the cool shades of the trees entice nature lovers. Dindi is the newest tourist attraction of Andhra Pradesh.
Holiday makers, who really like the place and also want to spend some time in the serenity of the swaying coconut trees on the banks of the River, can stay at Coconut Country Resort.

How to reach: A number of trains are going to Rajahmundry from Howrah railway station. This is one of the main stations on the way to Chennai from Kolkata. Rajahmundry is also well connected to various cities of Andhra Pradesh by road.

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