Andhra Pradesh: Srikalahasti


Srikalahasti, acting as a blockade between two hills, about 37 km towards the east from Tirupati, is another imperative enticement for the Hindu pilgrims.

The prime allurement of Srikalahasti is its consecrated Shiva temple, on the banks of swarnamukhi River, located at the southern slope of Bhellikonda hills. The towering Gopurmoti, built by the kings of Vijayanagar, is still praised and earns accolades for its majestic dravid architectures.

The deity, Shiva is residing along with four other avatars in the hallowed Kalahastishwari temple which was built in 16th century. The diya is enlightening the temple endlessly from many years. Khitilingam, Apalingam, Tejalingam and Akashlingam are the other avatars. The temple is known for its Rahu Ketu Puja.

An astonishing festival, during Shiva Ratri (night), attracts many. The place looks mesmerizing and compelling due to the presence of Swarnamukhi River and Purbaghat hills in the locus. Purchase the famous Kalamkris handprint garment from Srikalhasti.

How to reach: SriKalahasti has a railway station and is connected from Kolkata and Channai. Check our transport links below for creating an itinerary. It is about 30 km from Tirupati.

Where to stay: Bhima Lodge, Sri Ram Café Lodge and Dharamsala.
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