Andhra Pradesh: Udaigiri


Udayagiri, about 1483 km from Kolkata, the historical spot, is popularly known for its forts. 13 forts, built in the locale, are in ruins now. 8 of them are situated at the hilltop and other 6 are located at the foothills. Previously it was the capital of the kings Langula Gujpati in 14th century. Later the control of Udaigiri was shifted to the kings of Vijayanagar and Golconda. The ruins of 358 temples were found in Udayagiri. These temples depict the fine arts and cultures of various eras. Udayagiri has innumerable medicinal plants as well.
An ancient mosque which proudly displays and depicts the old traditions and customs of Muslims was built in 1660, at the 1000 feet tall hilltop.  

How to reach: Get down at Kabhali railway station which is the nearest railway station of Udayagiri and is situated at a distance of 77 km from Udayagiri. It is en route  Chennai to Kolkata.You have to take a bus or hire a private vehicle to Udayagiri after you get down at Kabhali.

Where to stay: Udayagiri doesn’t have many hotels where tourists can stay at. It is prudent to complete the trip to Udayagiri on the same day and stay at Chennai or Nellore.

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