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Vijayawada, the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, on the northern part of Krishna River, looks remarkable for the surrounding hills. Vijayawada, one of the foremost business hubs of eastern Andhra Pradesh is also known as the gateway to the South India and has Bay of Bengal in its southern side and Purbaghat hills in its northern side.
Vijayabatika, Vijayawada, houses a sanctified Shiva temple atop the Indrakila hills. Numerous tales of Hindu epic, Mahabharat, are engraved on the enclosing walls of the temple.

Srikanakdurga temple, atop the Indrakiladri hills, on the banks of Krishna River, is an imperative attraction on the way to the Shiva temple. The deity Durga is the prime goddess who is worshipped in the form of parvati. The deity, made up of gold, shows the wealth of the temple.

The prime temple of Vijayawada is well connected to the central part of the city by frequent bus services.
Dussera is the most sacred and distinguished festival of Vijayawada.
Two caves, on the hilltop, were built in 17th centuries and are dedicated to the Kutubsahi ministers Akanna and Madanna. The deities, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are residing in another nearby cave.
The Krishna Delta Canal, created by the British Government in 1855, is still supplying water to the huge 10, 00,000 hectors of farmlands. Prakasham Barrage or the bridge over Krishna River is 1223.4 meters long and is a prime attraction of Vijayawada.

The huge Lake, formed due to the installation of the dam, offers a fascinating boat ride. Bhabani Island, covering 133 acres of lands, is nestled in the Lake. Holiday makers can enjoy the water sports and also the ruins of the temple on Bhabani Island.

Island Resort of APDTC, Tree top cottage and Suite are there in the Bhabani Island for the tourists.

Victoria Jubilee Museum houses the Buddha idol, made up of the black granite stones and a number of sculptures which depict the combination of Hindu-Buddha-Vaishnavite architectural panache.
A cottage, located adjacent to the museum, is the only available place where tourists can stay for a night.
The newest attraction, Rajib Gandhi, the knowledge Park, has assortments of amusement items. Besides the model of dinosaurs, a lot of models of pre historic animals are there on display.

Gandhi hill on Orr Hill, the first of its kind in India, houses a commemorative of Mahatma Gandhi. 15.8 meters tall Gandhi shrines (7), Gandhi memorial library, planetarium and light & sound show are the interests of the park. Tourists who are interested in touring the whole Park should take a ride of Toy train. The Gandhi hill offers a panoramic view of the city.

Visit the Malleshwar Shiva temple and Hajratbal mosque to watch Srichakra and memorial of Mahammad respectively. Three cave temples in mughalrajapuram, about 5 km from Vijayawada, are the oldest ones of South India. Shiva, Ganesha and Brahma are the deities residing in these caves. The one and only unique Ardhanariswar idol is also situated in the tranquility of the cave temple. Watch the striking Monolithic Vishnu in Undabhalli cave. The walls of the cave depict impressive Palhab architectures. The Undabhalli cave, about 8 km from the prakasham barrage, is located on the slopes of the black granite hills. 2 Jain temples are also situated near to the cave.
Mangalagiri, about 12 km towards the south of the city, has a temple of Nrisinghadev. The temple of Panakal swami is located at the hilltop. Mangalgiri is also famous for its fine looking cotton saris.
Sitanagaram, about 3 km from Mangalgiri, has a beautiful temple of Someshwar swami. The majestic banks of the Krishna River also fascinate tourists.

Vijayawada was marked as a well known centre for the diamond business.

Kondapalli, the small village, situated at a distance of 16 km from Vijayawada, showcases wonderful handicrafts. The wooden models, created by the expert artists, should be bought from Kondapalli. These handicraft items show the fabulous artistic representations of South India. The fort of Prolaya Vemma Reddy, built at the hilltop of Kondapalli, looks stunning. The adjoining three storied stone tower and the temple of Birupakha entice tourists. Shiva ratri and Dussera are the interesting festivals of Kondapalli.

Kuchipudi village, about 60 km from Vijayawada, is the birth place of Sidhendra Yogi, the inventor of the dance form kuchipudi. A school of this traditional dance form has been set up in the rooms of Sidhendra Yogi’s residence. Sidhendra Jayanti festival, organized by the Kuchipudi Dance Association, is a tribute to the great Sidhendra Yogi and is observed during the 2nd week of March.

Machlipatnam, about 78 km from Vijayawada, was the petite port city of East India Company. Many industrial factories were also built in the town by Dutch and French people previously. The neighboring church of 19th century still carries the old glory. Traditional silk and cotton garments of this place are quite popular in the proximity.
Holiday makers should not miss out the astounding sight of Manginapadi beach, located at a distance of 12 km from the port. To dissolve the sins, devotees gather in the beach of Manginapadi occasionally, to take bath.
Machlipatnam can be accessed by road and by railways from Vijayawada. Trains from Secunderabad will also take you to Machlipatnam.

Hotel Santosh and a number of privately owned hotels are there in Machlipatnam where tourists can stay overnight.

Kolleru bird sanctuary: Kolleru Lake or Kolleru sanctuary is situated at a distance of 20 km from Eluru. The place, located on an Island, was covering 900 square km of sprawling lands when it got the status of the sanctuary but now the territory of the enthralling sanctuary has been reduced to only 673 square km. The reduction of the sanctuary area had an immense effect on the number of birds of the sanctuary. The water body of the sanctuary reserves various animated fishes. Til, pochard, pelican, and hiran are the common birds which can be seen in the sanctuary. The mesmerizing sanctuary looks even more beautiful with the Innumerable dotted islands. Spiritual people gather on the premise of the sanctified Padma temple, situated on the island.
Avail a train from Howrah to Vijayawada and get down at Eluru. The sanctuary is also connected to Vijayawada by road.

Suryalanka beach: Suryalanka beach, the newest allurement of Andhra Pradesh, is located at a distance of 100 km from Vijayawada.

Take a bus from Vijayawada to visit the peaceful beach.
Suryalanka beach resort of APTDC is a nice place to stay overnight.

How to reach: Vijayawada is a big railway station on the Howrah-Chennai railway track. A number of trains are regularly connecting to Vijayawada.

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