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Visakhapatnam and Waltair are other twin cities of Andhra Pradesh, like Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Visakhapatnam has always grabbed the attentions as the port city and a major business hub of Andhra Pradesh. The territory of Waltair has been formed with the various edifices around the Visakhapatnam railway station.

Visakhapatnam has always been a prime tourist attraction of Andhra. The wonderful formation of the city coupled with its temperate temperature which generally varies from 24 to 31 degree Celsius is responsible for its attractiveness. The city is located at an elevation of 15 feet. The city was included in the list of the coveted destinations of British for its salubrious climate but due to the growing population the city has definitely lost its earlier charm and appeal.

The wonderful creation of the nature, the soaring Nilgiri hilly range, is cutting the plains across. The remarkable vista of the city looks even more fascinating for the lingering hills through the south-west corridor of the city. The Bay of Bengal is spreading its charm in the east of Vishakhapatnam. One of the chief attractions of Vishakhapatnam is its Ramakrishna beach. The Visakhapatnam port is the fourth important port of India. Interested tourists can watch the port on selective days of the week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). However, a special permission from Admin officer will allow tourists to visit the port on other days of the week as well.

The ship factory of Hindustan Shipyard Company, the main office of Indian navy, submarine base, Karamandal fertilizer, steel mill, and oil refinery of Hindustan petroleum are the important offices which are operating from Visakhapatnam.

Andhra University in Waltair, built in 1926, is covering a huge area and the Gathik architectures on the buildings of the University look majestic.

Hire an auto to “three hillocks” of Purbaghat hill range called “Rose hill” to watch the Roman Catholic Church “Our Lady of the Sacred Heart”. The mosque in Durgakonda and the temple in Venkateshkonda should also be seen. Capt Black moor had built the temple of Venkateshkonda in 1886, located at a distance of 5 km from the railway station. A commemorative of Buddha on the temple premise shows the existence of Buddha customs in the locale.

The light house, situated at an elevation of 358 meters, offers a mind blowing view of the ocean and the adjoining city. At the same time the light house shows the way to the sailing ships. Ships even at a distance of 64 km can get the direction from the light house. Avail a boat on Narabhagedda River and cross 380 stairways at the other bank of the River to reach the light house. You can also climb up on the top of the light house from Dolphin nose, located at an altitude of 174 meters. The hill of Dolphin Nose Island looks like a nose at the point where it is coming down to meet the ocean. So, the name of the place is also given as Dolphin Nose. The holy Kanak Durga temple, built on the Island, attracts pilgrims from faraway places. The well garnished port city looks magical at night.

Another prime and imperative enticement of Vishakhapatnam is its fishing port, situated adjacent to the sea port. The remarkably planned fishing port was built by spending as much as 4 crores in 1978. Enjoy the fascinating boat ride on the sea which is organized by APTDC from the fishing port of Vishakhapatnam.

Ramkrishna beach, about 3 km away from the city center, is attracting many holiday makers from all over the world for its ever green sight. Hill and ocean both are sharing their spaces on the beach. The prolonged and incredible beach is spreading from the southern corridor of the sea port to the Vuda Park. The beach is a heaven for the morning and evening walkers. The scattered stones on the beach create some problems for those who want to enjoy and take a soothing bath. Holiday makers who want to take a bath can go to Lasnas bay towards Kailashgiri though.  
The temple of the divine power Kali, built by Badal Banerjee in 2984, is situated on the beach. The Ramkrishna Mission is located at the back end of the temple where as the aquarium with the colorful and vibrant fishes are located adjacent to the temple.

The violent waves of the never ending Bay of Bengal of Vishakhapatnam offers a paranormal experience.
Tourists should take the pleasure in the bus ride, arranged by APDTC, to the Hrishikonda beach from the Kali temple. The joyful ride through the beach will be a lifetime experience.

The entertainment park, Vuda (Vishakhapatnam Urban Development Authority), has Lake, artificial cave, fish aquarium and musical fountain. Enjoy yachting on the Lake while watching the charming fountain on the banks of the Lake. Riding on horse and camel will also be enticing experiences. Yoga centre, Kala Bhedika, Disney land, gym and roller skating rink are the assortments of amusements present in the Park. Visit Vishakha museum, on the beach road after watching the university. The Vishakha museum is rich with its historical collections.

The submarine museum, about 1 km towards the southern side of the Visakha museum, displays the technologies used in the first submarine of India called Kursura.  Indira Gandhi zoological park, located on Nh-5, is also very popular to the tourists. Enjoy the park safari for 45 minutes riding on the toy train. Tigers, leopards, lions, birds and assortments of reptiles are preserved in the park.

Climb up on the topmost point of Mount Kailash, located at an altitude of 304 meters, from the foothills of Mount Kailash which is situated at a distance of 10 km from road transport complex. The scenic beauty around the Mount Kailash is amazing. The natural locale looks awesome with the golden sands and surrounding ocean. The blue water of the ocean is hitting the rocks. The blue water under the blue sky creates a delightful locus. The bird’s eye view from the Titanic point will fulfill your emptiness. A majestic ground, restaurant, huge idols of Shiva and Parbati deserve a visit. Mount Kailash, covering 100 acres of lands, is an enjoyable and blissful picnic spot. Appughar Park, placed at the foothills and Girishwar temple in Sri Kailash are the other interesting destinations.

Hrishikonda beach, located on the fascinating lap of nature, about 8 km away from the Vishakhapatnam railway station, is a wonderful beach which is fully covered with soft golden sands. The ancient cultures can be seen on the quiet golden beach. The beach is enclosed with fern trees at one side where as the other end of the beach is encircled with the hills. Everything looks awe inspiring for the wonderful Bay of Bengal. Interested holiday makers should enjoy the trip to the deep ocean riding on a speed boat or on a mechanized boat.
To enjoy the natural beauty closely tourists have to stay at the Haritha- Hrishikonda beach resort for a night. The resort can be accessed by road from the city.

Bhimanipatnam, situated towards the north of Hrishikonda beach, is another coveted destination of Vishakhapatnam. The River Gostani is meeting with the Bay of Bengal in Bhimanipatnam. A number of deities are residing on the serene beach. The fascinating beach is a paradise for bathers for the quiet waves. Watch the ruins of the fort of Dutch dynasty. Facilities of water sports along with the boating entertain the tourists. Nri Singha temple, located on the hilltop in the middle of the city, was built by Bhīma according to the Hindu mythology. Sita kunda (well) and footprint of Bhīma can be seen in the temple. 

Vuda Guest House, Bheemali Guest resort and cottage like guest house are there in Bhimanipatnam for the tourists.
A well stretched area, located adjacent to the Bhimanipatnam, is covered with dotted cashew nuts trees. Ramandri or the temple of Ram-Lakshman-Sita is also there.

Buddhist complex in Babhikonda and Thotlakonda, about 16 km from the city, houses a number of Buddha Vihar, Mahachaitya and shrines. The complex is spreading over a straggling area of 10 acres. Sankaram village, located at a distance of 41 km from the city, is another famous spot for Buddhists. Buddhist cultures and ethnicity are prominent on the various sculptures and items of the village. Babhikonda and Thotlakonda are the captivating spots for the spree lovers.

Bird watchers should take the pain of walking 1 km to the heavenly destination from Kondakarla. Kondakarla is located at a distance of 48 km from Vishakhapatnam. 296 acres area, hidden in the Hogla, saluki and nalkhagra plants, is a paradise where birds of myriad of colors chirp in a concert. Migratory birds are the main attractions in the winters.

Take a walk to the nearby rail colony of Vishakhapatnam.
Handicrafts of Visakhapatnam are also very famous. 3 days long Vusakh utsav (festival) is the newest attraction of Visakhapatnam.

Simachalam: Simachalam or hill of lion, about 5 km from Vishakhapatnam railway station, is a tourist destination because of the holy Nrisinghadev temple. The temple is located at a height of 244 meters. The face of the deity is made up of gold. To find the solace, devotees try to watch the face of the deity in Akshay tritia on the foundation day of the temple.

Kalyanam, the yearly festival of the place, is observed in the month of Chaitra (the last month of Bengali calendar year). However, the festivals have almost become a daily routine in Simachalam. Architectures on the peak the temple and the engraved mythological stories on the walls of the temple fascinate temple lovers. The chol architectures on the temple are impressive. The marriage hall, standing on 96 pillars, has a praiseworthy architecture as well. Natmandir (temple), built with the black stones, Lakshmi Narayan temple and chariot made up of stones are other allurements. The footprint of Sri Chaitanya dev is there at the entrance of the main temple. It is said that Krishna Chandra Roy, the king of Vijaynagar had donated plenty of his assets to the temple in 1526.

Shops are doing business around the temple. A lot of stories are associated with the creation of the Nrisinghadev temple. Holiday makers and pilgrims should watch the adjoining Gangadhara waterfall. It is believed that the water has a medicinal power. Pilgrims take a holy bath before they visit the temple to worship the deity. The temple can be accessed by crossing 997 stairways.

Avail a bus from the Vishakapatnam railway station to Simachalam. Then special buses, arranged by the temple authority will take you to the temple. Simachalam can be accessed from SriKakulam and Annabharam by road as well. 

District Board rest House and Dharamsala are available options in Simachalam for the tourists where they can stay at. Shimadri Nilayam Dharamsala and cottage, situated atop the hill are other options for a night stay.

How to reach: Vishakhapatnam railway station can be accessed by railways from Kolkata and other cities of India. A lot of trains are regularly running on the Kolkata- Vishakhapatnam railway track. Vishakhapatnam is connected to various cities of Andhra Pradesh by road as well.

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