Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh:

“Land of dawn lit mountains” or Arunachal was previously known as Udaigiri and Udayachal. Itanagar is the district head quarter of Arunachal. According to volume, Arunachal is the biggest of all the states of north-east India but the population of the state is lowest among all the other north-eastern states. The state is delimited by the Myanmar in the east, Tibet in the north and Bhutan in the west. Lohit district in the north is cascading down to meet the border of Tibet. Brahmaputra River is meeting with Diyang and Lohit rivers and is taking the name Siyang in Arunachal.

The locality of Arunachal is extended on the banks of five hilly rivers called Kameng, Subansiri, Siyang, Lohit and Tirap. Ice-capped mountains and rich dark forests are the forte of Arunachal. Rare and uncommon animals stroll around the virgin forest lands. Tribal communities are the ancient inhabitants of the manor. For the assortments of different species of orchids, Arunachal is renowned as the paradise of orchids.

Arunachal is rich in natural resources. The land is roofed with the atypical and uncommon vegetations. 62% of parklands of Arunachal are wrapped in the woods. Industrial growth of Arunachal is not yet achieved. The chief professions of the dwellers of Arunachal revolve around the farmlands and rich forests. Arunachal looks even more riveting with orchid orchards and dissimilar types of flowers. Bird watchers will also enjoy their stay at Arunachal.
Monpa, aka, apatani, adi, miri, wangchu, mishmi, nokte, tongsa, khampti are the tribal communities who live on the banks of the untamed and wild rivers of Arunachal. 79% of residents belong to the tribal communities. More than 60 local idioms are there in Arunachal but most of the indwellers of Arunachal are aware of Hindi language. Habitants are quite different with their cultures and customs. Buddha and vaishnavites are quite friendly and tourists get a warm reception in the state. They worship Mithun as a deity, formed by cow and bull. City indwellers are very calm as compared to the other states. Arunachal is blessed with the ravishing nature. They possess a natural skill for handicrafts.

Savor the taste of uppong beer. Airports are there in Teju, pashighat, Alang, Zero and Daporizo but services are poor. Different parts of Arunachal are connected by 7401 km of roads. Even though the state is beautiful for its nature but due to the lack of vivid initiatives, it is still in the darkness.

Get the Inner Line Permit to access the places positioned at the border area of Arunachal. But Indian tourists can acquire the permission pretty easily. You need to acquire different permission for three different zones of Arunachal.

Note: Arunachal have been a bit politically disturbed in the last few days. Get latest information about the turmoil, before you plan your trip.

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How to reach: It is well connected by Railways and Air Ways.

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