Arunachal Pradesh: Malinthan


The unearthed temple and Biswaknagar palace are the enticements of Malinthan, placed at a distance of 23 km from Akashiganga. The relics of the temple are located in the middle of the striking and prominent natural environs. The place is associated with many spiritual and mythological tales. The reminiscence of the singular durga deity was discovered after an excavation on the deforested lands. The divine place houses numerous Hindu deities like Surya, Shiva lingam, Indra etc. Even though the main temple is standing tall but the deities are in ruins. To rejuvenate the architectural elegance, architectural sculptures are maintained in the adjoining museum. The sacred place not only attracts spiritual crowd but the spot is rich for its natural resources. Search the solace and comfort in the beautiful virgin woods. Dotted apple groves of Malinithan are also very attractive.

How to reach: The nearest railway station is Silapathar. You have to avail bus from Silapathar or Guwahati or Itanagar.

Where to stay: Circuit House and Malini Bhawan are notable hotels in Malinithan or you can also stay at the tourist lodge in Likabali.

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