Arunachal Pradesh: Pashighat


Pashighat, the district head quarter of east Siyang, is located on the pleasant dale alongside the banks of Siyang River, at an elevation of 155 feet. Picturesque Pashighat, used to be the main entrance of Arunchal. The local cottage like homes atop the small tilas, located at the roadside, look awesome. The inhabitants, especially tribes, are staying on the small hills and on the banks of the River gorges, situated at the end of the village. They earn their hard fought money from the natural resources. Watch their rich and strong cultures along with their ethnic lifestyles. Get to know the tribal traditions closely in Solung utsav. The fiesta continues for 7 days. Aadi, the backward community, uses a cap made by the lip of Dhanes birds and animal fur. Dr D Ering Memorial WLS, the sanctuary covering an area of 190 square km, located on the Island of Siyang River, lies 13 km from city, can also be visited. Bird watchers can watch a number of native and migratory birds around the sanctuary. September- March is the best time to watch the wandering birds. Deer, elephants and bulls are the denizens of the sanctuary. Hire a private boat to see the sanctuary comfortably.

How to reach: Tourist can avail buses to Pashighat from Rangia or Tejpur. But it is wise to take a bus from Tejpur to Pashighat.

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