Arunachal Pradesh: Tawang


Tawang, the remote city of Arunchal, is not as famous as the other hill stations like Simla and Darjeeling in India but tourists are attracted towards Tawang, especially for its ancient monasteries, located in the middle of the captivating natural milieu.

Avail a bus from Bomdila to Tawang, about 180 km away from Bomdila.

Mon-pa communities are the major habitants in Tawang. They all speak in a common language, Tibetan but pronunciations are dissimilar.

Dirang, the city in the shades of pine, at an elevation of 9500 feet, about 5 km from Bomdila, on the river banks of Dirang, attracts a large number of tourists for its mild weather. Apple groves, Buddha monastery, orchid and yak research centres are the imperative attractions of Tawang. The hot spring, located at a distance of 5 km from the tourist lodge of Tawang, has a medicinal power in its streams. Indwellers of Tawang mostly depend on agriculture for living and some of them breed sheep as well.

Observe the war memorial, built in the memories of the intrusion of the Chinese soldiers in Indian Territory in 1962, at an elevation of 4331 meters. The scenic beauty around the commemorative is astounding. Ardent and fervent young legs can trek to Sella top, at an altitude of 4215 meters, located at a distance of 103 km from Bomdila. Indian soldiers had fought hard and after 36 hours of tough combat, Indian soldiers had flaunted the Indian flag. The one km stretched Sela Lake deserves a visit for its heavenly atmosphere.

Traut hatchery, in Nurammang and farmlands on the swelling slopes are the sources where from they earn their money. A stream of a hilly river starts from Sela. Yak and other animals graze on the lash green lands. Shiva temple and Buddhist monastery are the other attractive destinations for the tourists.

Drive to Yashwantgarh, located at a distance of 21 km from Sela, through the dense forest of pine. War museum and temple, built in the memories of the armed forces, are the enticements of Yashwantgarh. Even though the permission to climb on the Bum-La hill, located at the Indo-Chinese border, are not granted but the road that leads to Bum-La has an unparalleled exquisiteness around. Colorful flowers flourishing on the roadside valleys will definitely please you.

Tawang monastery, covering 135 square km of lands, situated at an elevation of 3048 meters, is popularly known as Mera Lama in the locale. 500 lamas can live in Tawang Monastery which is the second oldest monastery in Asia and also the largest monastery in India. The monastery is well decorated with ample of idols, fresco and pictures imported all the way from Tibet. The chief deity is made up of gold and is 26 feet tall Buddha idol. Walls and selling of the monastery is tinted with stories related to Buddha religion. The library has an assortment of Tibetan books on Buddha religion. Kanjur and Tanjur written on golden scripts are the ornaments of the library. The craft centre, located on the lower incline, houses a consortium of crafts. A number of tales are also associated with the picky place.  

On the way to the Tawang monastery, located in the terrain of Jang village, the violent waterfall is another sought after destination for the holiday makers. Watch the meditated Buddha idol and witness the divinity of the adjoining places inside the cave of Anni monastery, positioned at a distance of 12 km from Tawang. The 350 years old monastery is maintained by a holy Buddhist woman.

To watch the wonder of the white Tawang, covered with ice, visit the surrounding places during November- March. Enjoy the glacial atmosphere when the temperature falls below the freezing point. Clouds will not be a problem in viewing the remarkable natural locale.

The local carnival is observed in the month of January. The fiesta is celebrated with the atypical dance forms of Lamas wearing colorful masks and Losa dance of Manpa tribes.

The blue water of Pitisore Lake, about 15 km from Tawang, on the Tawang- Lasa road, is crystal clear. The ices on the frozen hill tops are melted in the summers and formed 108 Lakes. Watch the fascinating cosmos around the Sangestar Lake of Tawang. Take a walk to Nagula pass, about 5 km from Pitisor and enjoy the myriads of colors of the nature on the way. This is a must visit destination for those tourists who love to watch the pleasing sight of snow-clad mountains of Himalayan range.

If you are interested in the Buddhist monasteries, then don’t forget to visit Taksang monastery. It is situated far away from Tawang though. Nature lovers should walk down to the adjoining Sherugram, Pamghar, Shakrit, Thangleng, Shakur and Lumla villages. A beautiful hilly tract will lead you to Bhutan from Lumla.

Buy a shawl or Manpa cap to recall the incredible trip of Arunachal in future. Look at the handicrafts in craft centre. A government owned sales centre is also there in Tawang.
Savor the taste of Churpi (the local chewing gum), alcohol called Chang, Shamba and meats of Yaks.

How to reach: Tawang is connected to Tejpur via Bomdila by road. But it is prudent to hire a car from Tejpur or Rangia rail station to Tawang.

Where to stay: Hotel Gori Chen, Hotel Buddha, Hotel Sam Dupling, Hotel Dolma, Monyul Lodge, Hotel Rainbow and Hotel Dungphu. Refer to our hotel booking links below.

Seppa: Seppa is the head quarter of East Kemang. The hillock is located at an altitude of 2000 feet. From the paradise of nature lovers, the zero point, located at an elevation of 5000 feet, a tract leads to Seppa. The rugged and uneven hilly valley is attractive for its temperate climate and gripping greeneries. A number of mountains are creating an astounding natural frontier around the valley. The small town in the beautiful gorge has a vicinity built with Government offices, shops, homes of indwellers, and Shiva temple. Handicrafts, built by Manpa tribes are maintained and are on a display in contiguous craft centre. Sit quietly on the banks of the adjoining rippling stream for some time and relax amidst the quietude.

Besides Dafla and Bagni, Apatani and Mithun tribal communities are also enjoying their livelihood in the valley.

How to reach: Buses are connecting Seppa to Tejpur regularly. Seppa is 212 km away from Tejpur.

Where to stay: There is no private hotel available but you can stay at Inspection Bungalow or Circuit House.

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