Arunachal Pradesh: Vijaynagar and the Lisu community


On the banks of the Noya-Dihing River, the secluded land, situated amidst the thick woods, Vijaynagar, is encircled by Myanmar in three sides. Khamti and Singpho tribes are the indwellers of the famous Buddha pilgrimage destination, Vijaynagar. Lisu communities are also living in the adjoining places. They follow a culture which is a blend of Mongolian and Arya cultures. Arguably, Lisus are the descendents of the soldiers of the armed force of the king, Aleksandra.
Interested tourists can visit Pamisan, located at the border of India and Myanmar.  

How to reach: Vijaynagar is connected to Margarita railway station by road. Margarita railway station can be accessed by railways from Kolkata. Buses are also going to Vijaynagar from Khonasa and Namdapha.

Where to stay: CH and IB.

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