Arunachal Pradesh: Ziro and Hapoli


Hapoli, Arunachal, is the best place where you can stay at and visit ziro from Hapoli hiring an auto. Tarin High Altitude Fish Firm, about 5 km away from Hapoli, is a fishery where the dedicated processes are going on in a very scientific and updated manner.
Ziro is popularly known in the propinquity for its astonishing natural shades of dark pine woods. Ziro, encircled by the significant snow clad mountains, lies at the end way of the even plains of the slender Apatani valley. The dale with rich groves is wrapped with Subansiri, Nishi, Apatani, Dafla and Miri river valleys. Affluent cultures and customs of Apatani tribes are notable for their special hunting styles. They have also created an aboriginal irrigation system which is unique and exclusive amongst the Arunachal tribal. The good looking Apatani people like to drink their indigenous Apang or rice beer. They like to wear colorful outfits and ornamentations are also specialties of Apatani throng. Black knick-knacks on the forehead and chest make Apatani women even more beautiful and sober. Nose curios are their métiers which are made of bamboo.
Witness the cultural elegance of Apatani community in Miko utsav during March-April, which continues for 10 days. Sirom Molo, Socham, Dri, and Niyokum are other imperative festivals of Nishu tribes in Ziro.
Watch the vista of the valley during sunset when the last rays of the day hug the undulating manor.
The city of zero is also alienated in two parts which are 5 km away from each other. Drive down to the newer city, at a height of 1550 meters crossing the old city located at an elevation of 1750 meters. Visit the creative hand crafts in the handicrafts centre, at the terminal end of the city. Items, built by bamboo, can be collected from the various shops located in and around the city.
Make it a point to visit tale sanctuary. You can take the pleasure in both driving and trekking on the way to the sanctuary. Drive to Siro/ Manipoilang slam/ Pangpe, about 30 km away from the city, through a beautiful tract and then you have an adventurous trek journey to the Tale sanctuary which is located at a distance of 8 km from Siro. The whole valley of Tale is blessed with the natural greeneries. The altitude of 337 square km of parklands of the sanctuary varies noticeably in various parts of the sanctuary. A large number of denizens amble around the green land of the sanctuary. Clouded leopards, Methuen, Beer are the noteworthy among the many species of habitants. Colorful orchids in the large orchards will greet you gleefully.
Ardent and enthusiastic travelers should take the pain of visiting the small but beautiful petite town of Arunachal, Daporizo. The enamoring green manor along with the surrounding hills makes the business hub a tourist destination as well. The local inhabitants, Tagin and Hilimari, tribes are fond of ornaments. Craft centre and incredible scenic beauty around the pool will fascinate tourists.
Hire an auto or avail a bus to Menga, about 19 km away from the city, to locate the natural caves formed by stalactite and stalagmite rocks. Don’t try to get into the cave if you are not strong enough. In another adjoining cave, the deity Shiva is residing. 
Kodak, about 33 km from Menga, offers a stunning panoramic sight of the ice capped Himalaya.
Enthusiasts can also visit Taksing, the native place of Na community. The rocky homes in Taksing depict the Tibetan architectural modishness. Hire a jeep to go to Taksing. Helicopter ride to various cities of Arunachal from Daporajo will offer a panoramic view of the green natural locale.

How to reach: Ziro is connected to Itanagar and Lilabari by road.

Where to stay: Circuit House, Peak Lodge, Hotel Blue Pine, Hotel High Land, Hotel Santanu and Hotel Kanchenjunga.

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