Assam, the beautiful state was covering an area as big as 2, 00, 000 square km earlier, with its ferocious hilly streams, profound forests, and tall mountains but it is due to the greed of human beings, the astonishing Assam has lost its evergreen charm to some extent and now the territory of the province is covering only 78523 square km of lands. States like, Arunachal, Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Mizoram were separated from Assam and definitely this had a direct impact on the splendor of the state. Each of these states has dissimilar and unique language, customs and education systems though. Even though the individuality of each of these states has been retained and preserved very well but the transportation facilities of these states are depended on Assam and Bengal. This problem persists as the roads and railway tracks to the separated states are going through the lands of Assam. Assam and its adjoining states and countries are politically agitated. Earthquakes and floods are the daily routines of Assam. The wilderness of the Brahmaputra and Barack rivers are causing troubles to the people living on the river banks. The ferocious rivers at times cause havoc to the society.

Assam is blessed with its rich natural resources. 30% of its area is roofed with forests. The state is also well known to rest of India for its rich minerals. The affluent state supplies coal, stones, natural gas, and cement to its neighboring states in passable quantity. Although the statistics provide information of 41 species of animals in Assam but in reality only 20 types of denizens are visible on the parklands of Assam. Kaziranga and Manse sanctuaries are the imperative attractions of India.

Assam is adorned with the wide lash green carpets of tea groves. The hard working laborers are getting into the state from different states of India for working in the tea gardens. 55% of tea estates of the world are situated in the terrain of Assam.

Assam is a gift to the mankind. The incomparable natural finery of Assam looks awesome with the diverse cultural gracefulness of tribal communities residing on the well cased valley of 80 km. The prime attraction, Kamakhya temple, atop the hills, bounded by beautiful natural milieu and wild Brahmaputra river downside, will be an enticement to the spiritual people for many more years.
The chain of temples of Kamdev, will offer an aesthetical pleasure to the tourists. 

The artists of Assam are experts in making handicraft items. The stories of the mundane daily lives are portrayed on these items very dexterously and smartly. The magical touch of the native women on the Stitched clothes is still not easily imitable by the novice artists. Enjoy the fine arts on the teeth of elephants, idols and wooden substances. 

Bihu is the unique national carnival of Assam. Variety of Bihu festivals are enjoyed for various reasons through out the year. Baisakh Bihu, Kati Bihu, and Magh Bihu are the names of Bihu festivals. The blend of culture of different Assamese communities is the forte of the carnival. People of Assam enjoy the fiesta with the near and dear ones and savor the taste of the local delicacies.

The riveting Assam, situated in the tranquility of the natural resources, is not safe and secured anymore due to the political unrest. The political assassinations every now and then are making the soil red.

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