Assam: Digboi


Digboi is well known in the propinquity as a “city of oil”. The first and foremost oil refinery of Asia was a gift by the Assam Oil Company to the people of Digboi and India. Later, the Digboi oil refinery had merged with the Burma Oil company to make a contemporary oil refinery with updated and modern amenities. It works in the field of crude oil. 34 types of byproducts are prepared from the oil.

Numerous dolls are also produced from the wax. The cultural and business affairs take place in the city mainly because of the facilities offered by the oil refinery.

The picturesque city was built by the British Government. Take a walk through the city streets and you will hit the forest at the end of the city. Arguably, the huge footsteps of the elephants confirmed the existence of the oil due to the immense pressure generated on earth by the footsteps. Even though elephants are the chief inhabitants of the forest but lucky throng can even have a glimpse of tigers and rhinos.

About 32 km away from Digboi, the Naharkatiya also has an oil mine.
Duliajan, located at a distance of 15 km from Digboi, is another place which is famous for oil.

Nature lovers should not miss out the pleasure in the sights of the cosmos of the petite city, Margarita, at the foothills of Patkoi hills. The city is forming a natural boundary between India and Myanmar, at the border of the Indian states Assam and Arunachal. Well stretched tea gardens on the banks of the river tirap in Margarita are entertaining and attractive. The city houses the head quarter (North-eastern India) of the coal India.

You can stay at Hotel Arunachal to enjoy the engrossing natural beauty of the city.

Ledo, the land of coal, was renowned at the time of Second World War. The 430 km long stillwell road, from Ledo to Myitkyinya of Myanmar, is now closed. In 1944, the British General, Vinegar Joe Stillwell, had decided to make the most expensive street of the world, Stillwell road, spending a hefty amount of 137 million US$.

There are not many hotels in Digboi to offer you a quality service but you can stay at ordinary hotels like Niraja Hotel and Golden Hotel. Plan early and book your ticket at the guest house of Oil Company to avoid crowd.

Barajan sanctuary, located at a distance of 8 km from Tinsukiya towards Duliyajan, at a height of 120 meters from the plains, is covering an area of 5.02 square km. The sanctuary was shaped in 1999.

Enthusiast nature admirers can visit the sanctuary hiring an auto from Digboi which can cost you approximately 300 rupees.

How to reach:
A lot of trains are going to tedo, Digboi and Tinsukiya from Guwahati. Passenger and express trains are also running on Dibrugarh- Tinsukiya railway track.

Where to stay:
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