Assam: Haflong and Jatinga


Haflong, the hillock, sited at an elevation of 680 meters from the plains, is the district head quarter of North Kachar Hills Autonomous Council.

Dimashi speaking tribal communities called Kachari are the indwellers of Halflong. They still uphold their ethnicity in the shades of the tall Pine trees. Their land of tradition spreads its color around the orchards of blue orchids. The best attraction of the surrounds is its nature. Groves of pineapple, orange and other fruits around the two riveting Lakes have a power to entice the mob. A boat ride with family on the Lake water will take you to another world of joy. The vista of the sunrise also looks marvelous at the back of the transparent Lake water.

Mal which has a prolonged territory starting from the bus stand to the Lake is the sustenance of the petite land. Don’t forget to touch the water of the nearby hot spring. If you have the courage and willpower then take a walk to the hill top and take the pleasure in the bird’s eye view of the captivating milieu which will free you from your qualms of unexciting daily life.

The green landscapes of the city will attract you many times if you visit it once but due to the lack of earnest initiatives the land of beauty is not yet known in the proximity for its fascinating natural surrounds. At the lower slopes of the city, oil and natural gas mines are discovered. Within half an hour you can enjoy the acclivity of the city.

Jatinga, well known as the paradise of the bird watchers, located amidst the orchid wood lets, about 9 km towards the south of Halflong, is a congregating land for various indigenous and migratory birds. The hill station is protected and delimited by Barail hill range which acts as a natural boundary between Assam and Manipur.

During September-October a large number of birds from different places fly in and burn them in the fiery fire of halflong hills. The reason behind this mystery is still unidentified.

Hire a car from Jatinga and travel to Mahur, located at a distance of 23 km from Jatinga, through the fun filled forest tract.

You can stay at the Bird Watching Tower of Jatinga.

How to reach:
Trains are available from Guwahati to Halflong, about 297 km from Guwahati. Trains are traveling to Halflong from Tripura as well through a beautiful track crossing 73 long and 513 small bridges and 37 tunnels.

Where to stay:
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