Assam: Hajo, Sualkuchi and Chandubi


Hajo, the pilgrimage spot for Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist, on top of the hills, in the middle of beguiling natural environs, is famous for the hand crafted items and artistically woven clothes. The destination is not very far away from the city also. It is located at a distance of 25 km away towards the north-eastern side of Brahmaputra River. It is said that the place was a part of the Mug Hal Empire. Arguably, the place has got its name from the name of the king Hajo.

SriSriHoigrimadhab temple, situated at a height of 300 feet, can be reached crossing 93 staircases. The deities of this temple are residing on top of the rocky throne. Walk down to the end way of the village to watch Kedareshwar, Kamaleshwar, Kameshwar and Ganesh temple. Ganesh is surprisingly residing at the roadside whereas the other deities are sitting on top of different tila. But the temple has been reconstructed and revamped many times after its establishment. Watch the ruins in the mini museum in Hajo.

Apart from few of the ordinary hotels there is a Government Tourist Lodge where you can stay at.

Even though the buses are available to Guwahati from Hajo very frequently but the last bus starts at 18:30 from Hajo to Guwahati.

Sualkuchi silk centre, situated at a distance of 20 km from Hajo, at the northern banks of Brahmaputra River, offers you assortments of woven clothes, and different attractive outfits of various qualities. The chief profession of the villagers here is the business of selling handicrafts and clothes. Most the homes of the village have their own shops where from you can buy a lot of special items in an affordable rate.

Sualkuchi is connected to Guwahati by road. Sualkuchi is 24 km off Guwahati city.
Madan Kamdev:
The place, located at a distance of 40 km from Guwahati, is widely known as Kamrup Khajuraho. Tall Shaal trees are forming the natural walls around the village. More than 24 temples in the natural darkness offer a beautiful and gratifying serenity. The enthralling village is delimited by the Bar River in the east, NH-31 in the west, SH-52 in the south and the untamed Brahmaputra River in the South.

The temple is adorned with the Nagara architecture and idols are built with only one stone. Uma and Shiva are the main deities of the temple. Apart from the main idols, a lot of other idols are the additional encouragements for the temple lovers. Although the reason of the destruction has not yet discovered but it is believed that during the earthquake of 1897, Madan Kamdev was shattered. Due to the negligence of the authority a large number of archeological examples are getting damaged. Don’t forget to visit the nearby Assam Bio Research Centre.

You will not find any place where you can stay at. It is better to complete the trip of Madan Kamdev on the same day. Frequent bus services are available from Guwahati.

Chandubi Lake, about 64 km from Guwahati, is a coveted destination for a nice boat ride amidst the enamoring cosmos. The depth of the Lake is not alarming. So, get the pleasure in boating and fishing for long time while you enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lake.

Buy items of Bhutan from Darang, at the Indo-Bhutan border, situated at a distance of 80 km from Chandadubi.

Tourist Lodge and Picnic Cottage are places where you can stay to enjoy the heavenly beauty.

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