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Jorhat was the capital of the kings of Aham previously. The notable cultural elegance along with its mild weather attracts a number of tourists from different parts of India. The nearby Chinnamara, located at a distance of 5 km from Jorhat, has a tea research centre. The celebration of the local festival which is observed once in a year is noteworthy. Buri Gohani temple, many commemoratives, and the stage where freedom fighters were hanged are some of the sought after enticements.

Jorhat looks like a marvelous land mass or Majhali in the middle of water. The largest island of the world is resulted due to the earthquake in 1691 and 1696. The island is bounded by the river Brahmaputra in south, Subansiri and Khyarkutiya Rivers in the north. But the rivers are slowly swallowing the lands of the island. Due to the erosion, the area of the island has been reduced to 875 square km. Deoris, the tribal of the Majuli Island, are the indwellers of Majuli. The land is also known as a pilgrimage spot for Vaishnavites (a sect of Hindu community).

Several satras (monasteries) depict the blending of artistic and cultural expressions of the artists. Due to the feral water waves of the river Brahmaputra, 20 satras had been destroyed. But you can still witness the ruins of the remaining 22 satras. Apart from these, you can visit Kamalabari, Auniati, Bengenati, Garhmur, Dakshinpat, Shamaguri and Samoguri to watch satras. To minimize the effect of the soil erosion, Soil and Hydraulic experts had arrived and worked in Majuli. Lakhimpur in the north, Sonitpur in the north-west, Jorhat in the south and Shivasagar in the east have formed a natural periphery for Majuli Island.

The festivals like Bihu, Rash yatra, Janmashtami, and worship of the deity Vishnu are the occasions which are observed with great emotion and respect. The fiesta creates a remarkable congregating ground for the people of various cultures and traditions.

Niyamatighat is situated at a distance of 12 km from Jorhat. Cross the river and you are just 5 km away from Kamalabari, the central point of Majuli. The district head quarter of Majuli, Garhmurh, is just 5 km away from Kamalabari.

You can stay at circuit house and PWD IB in Garhmurh. It is prudent to stay back at Jorhat and complete the trip of Majuli on the same day. Frequent bus services are not available but you can hire a taxi and auto to visit Majuli. Majuli is also included in the list of world heritage sites.

Golaghat is located at a distance of 50 km from Jorhat and if you take NH-39 from Golaghat to Dimapur, Nagaland, then you will hit the hot spring, Garampani, on the way. Garampani sanctuary is an additional attraction of Garampani. If you have time you can visit Manipur which is not very far away.

How to reach:
Guwahati- Farketing rail track touches Jorhat railway station on its way. Guwahati railway station is connected by railways to Howrah and Sealdah railway stations, Kolkata. You can also avail a flight to Jorhat from kolkata.

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