Assam: Manas Wildlife Sanctuary


Manas - The Tranquail Wildlife Santuary of the North East

Start your overwhelming tour of Assam from Barpeta, the nearest railway station of Manash. The attractiveness of the place is mind blowing; especially it has created a position in the hearts of Vaishnavites (A sect of Hindu community) as a sacred destination. The Math (a religious place for Vaishnavites) where devotees worship in a divine environment and prayer hall in the Math premise will always entice followers.

The road through the sacred Barpeta will help you to reach a fascination spot, Manash Sanctuary, located at a distance of 40 km from Barpeta. Taxis will cost you 700 rupees to Manash from Barpeta. There are not many options available though. The best possible option is to avail a conducted tour to Manash sanctuary for a contented and worriless trip. A local revolt had forced to close the sanctuary for 15 years but since 7th December, 2003 the sanctuary is again accessible. Get to know the latest news of the adjoining places before you plan a trip to Manash.

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary of Assam

The world famous sanctuary, at an elevation of 70 meters from the plains, at the foothills of Himalayan range, situated at the north-southern side of Guwahati, is one of the few tiger reserves in eastern India which covers an area of 540 square km. The total area of the sanctuary is casing a rambling terrain of 2837 square km. The sanctuary has included its name in the list of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site. The Manash River coming down from the Bhutan hills with its untamed streams and is hitting the land of Manash where from the River takes two different directions with the name Benki and Hakoa. Enjoy the fascinating splendor of the natural heavens with greenish water of the river, golden sands around, lash green trees and surrounding tall mountains. The wonderful natural settings have the power to startle you. The sanctuary not only offers the beautiful nature but also a large variety of inhabitant animals as well.

Take a pleasing walk along the riverside of Benki and Hakoa. These rivers have created a natural Indo-Bhutan barrier. Moreover the river land is blessed with the River Sankosh in the west of Manash and the River Dhansiri in the east of Manash.

Watch the denizens of the woods while you are on a boat. The best time to visit Manash is during November-April but the place becomes a green paradise during January-March. It is very difficult to enjoy the natural beauty along with its ambling habitants in rainy seasons but Manash will definitely offer nature lovers an unmatched and astounding vista of the surrounding backdrop in rainy season. Watching fishing boats on the blue water during February-March is an additional attraction of this finicky destination.

This is the foremost place in the world where tourists can get a glimpse of Pigmy Hog and golden Langur. The woodland authority is very cautious about keeping a track on the numbers of one horned Rhinos, elephants, cows, dissimilar types of deer, shambar, boar, bison, clouded leopard, hispid hare, golden cat, snow lorries, and more than 125 tigers. The natural denizens enjoy a free life in the shades of Simul, Arjun, Khayer, Sida, Bahera, and Kanchan. Bird watchers will be blissful listening to the singing of 400 kinds of native and migratory birds. These birds often reach Bhutan in search of aliments. Watching the group of birds coming back to their nests in the evening after a long day is a treat to the eyes. Apart from the birds, the rich forest also showcases numerous species of known and unknown reptiles.

Enjoy the safari, riding on an elephant, through the captivating tracts of the woods. The wonderful feeling of the jungle safari will free you from the qualms of the dull and vicious city life. Everyday at 5.30 in the morning from Mathangudi, you can have elephant rides or jeep rides for safari. The former will cost you Rs.250 per hour, while the latter will cost you Rs.2000 for a day. Cameras will be charged extra.

How to reach:
The nearest railway station of Manash is Barpeta which is connected to Howrah Railway Station, Kolkata by railways. Buses from Barpeta will take you to the entrance of Manash sanctuary. You have to arrange your own vehicle from the gate of Manash to the sanctuary. It is wise to avail a conducted tour organized by Blue Hills Travels. Contact them @ 0361- 2601490.

Where to stay:
Mathanguri or Manash has two forest bungalows without the facilities of electricity. Book your ticket early to avoid crowd. Apart from these bungalows there is also a Tourist Lodge at the entrance of the sanctuary, situated at Banshbari. Try our Hotel booking links too.

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