Assam: Shiva Sagar and Gouri Sagar


The capital of Aham dynasty, Shivasagar, is a 600 years old city. The chief attraction of the city is the pond called Shivasagar, which is covering a sprawling area of 129 acres. The Shiva temple (Shivadol), built by the queen Madambuka in 1734, is located on the southern banks of the pond, Shivasagar. Arguably, this is the tallest Shiva temple (32 meters) in India. To celebrate the holy carnival of Shivaratri, devotees from distant places convergence on the spiritual premise of the Shiva temple. Vishnu temple and Durga temple are the other prime attractions, located at the right and left hand sides of the Shiva temple respectively. Don’t forget to visit the neighboring museum to see the anthology of various bits and pieces of olden era.

Walk down through the astonishing natural locale on the banks of Dikhou River, about 6 km off the city. Cross the river and you will hit the two storied Rangghar, built in 1744. The uniqueness and historical value of the pavilion is remarkable. The kings of Ahom dynasty used to enjoy the elephants’ fights and various annual sports sitting comfortably on the lavish pavilion which is designed specially for the amusement purposes. Numerous cultural festivals which are observed in the adjoining areas are very attractive. ULFA, the ominous antisocial association, had started their journey from Rangghar.

Kareng Ghar is situated at a distance of 13 km away from Shivasagar. Even though the fine arts of Kareng Ghar have been demolished by the East India Company but the architectural elegance of this palace still has the power to attract a large number of tourists if proper initiative is taken by the Government and authority. The palace, built in 1540, by the king Swargadev Chao, using wood and stones, was revamped by the king Rajeshwar Sigha in 1952. But later in 1699 when the emperor Rudra Singha decided to change his capital, then a newly constructed Kareng Ghar was built near to Rang Ghar.

Kareng ghar or Talatal ghar, adjacent to Rangghar, is famous for its architectural modishness. The long perspective shown on the architectures still surprise many historians. Out of the 7 floors, 3 floors are built underground. There were two secret underground tunnels; one of them showed the way to the Kareng ghar or the palace and the other one lead to the banks of Dikhou River. But due to the security reasons both of these artificial tunnels are bunged.  

After watching Rangghar and Kareng ghar, start your journey towards the Jaisagar, a lake covering an expansive area of 318 acres, located at a distance of 5 km from Shivasagar. To commemorate his mother, the Ahom king Rudra Singh had built the startling lake in 1697. A diminutive city with college, fish research centre, Jaidol and Shivadol has formed around the wonderful Jaisagar Lake.    

Gourisagar, located at a distance of 16 km towards the southern side of Jaisagar, is another attraction here. Gourisagar was excavated in 1723 by the queen Fhuleshwari, the first wife of the king Shiva Singha, covering 150 acres area. A temple of Devi durga is also there on the banks of Gourisagar for temple lovers.

Watch the difference in the cultures and lifestyles of Miki communities in Shivasagar. They are far away from the vicious city life and modern amenities. Miki community has found out a new way of living which is a blend of modernization and tradition.

Visit Charaideo, the capital of the Ahom emperor Sukhafha, about 28 km towards the eastern side of Shivasagar, for an enticing experience.

A large number of people flock in to take the pleasure in a unique carnival which is observed on the premise of the Peer Darga Sheriff, about 22 km off Shivasagar.

The modern facilities have also helped Shivasagar to develop its tea and oil businesses.

How to reach:
Book your ticket in Kamrup express from Howrah Railway Station, Kolkata and get down at Simalguri. On the branch route from Simalguri to Moranhat, there is a railway station called Shivasagar, located at a distance of 16 km from Simalguri. You can also avail buses from Jorhat or Simalguri to Shivasagar.

Where to stay:
Prasaanti Tourist Lodge, Hotel Brahamaputra, Kareng Hotel, Hotel Piccolo, Hotel Siddharth, and Hotel Brindavan.

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