Assam: Silchar



The wonderful city, Silchar, the district head quarter of Kachar, is a diminutive city. The trip of Silchar can be completed within 2 hours if you hire a rickshaw. The city life has expanded on the banks of Barack River. Bengalis are the main inhabitants of Silchar.

The vista of sunrise on the valley of Silchar is impressive. The reflections of the sunlight during the sunrise on the surface of the water of the river create an eye soothing sight.

Besides Kachar club, Harisabha, temple of Lakhi deity, the newly built medical college and commemoratives of the 11 soldiers in Gandhibag, at the banks of Lake are the other sought after destinations of Silchar. Temple of SriSriKanchakanti, about 17 km away from Silchar, on the way to airport, houses its deity which is the blend of the goddesses Durga and Kali. In 1806, the contemporary king had established a golden idol of Devi Durga in the temple. Human sacrifices were a spiritual ritual here till 1818. The deity is worshipped on every Sunday. Although the old temple is destructed now but the newly constructed temple still attracts a large number of followers. It is believed that the place beneath the tree of Brajamahan Goswami Ashram, located at a distance of 2 km from the temple, has a theological power to fulfill the wishes of the followers. Take the blessings of the deity.

Khaspur, about 3 km away from Ashram, houses the ruins of the historical buildings of the kings of Kachar. The focal palace of Khaspur is not visible anymore but the main entrance, Surya door, and temple are still carrying the chronological charm. Constructions of the each and every entrance of the palace resemble an elephant like structure.

If you visit Khaspur by the city bus then get down at Shaal Ganga. You can also hire an auto or taxi to visit Khaspur palace.

Energetic visitors should witness the divinity of Bhubaneshwar temple, about 50 km off Silchar. Walk down to the temple from Bhubannagar through the hilly land. Bhubannagar can be accessed by bus from Silchar, located at a distance of 37 km from bhubannagar. Maniharan cave, about 5 km from Bhubaneshwar temple, deserves a visit. The feral Tribeni River breaks the calmness of the place. Deities like Ram, Lakhan, Garur, and Hanuman are worshipped in the adjoining divine temples.
Dol, Shiva Ratri, and Baruni are the festivals which are celebrated here with great respect and joy.

How to reach:
Few trains are going to Silchar from Kolkata directly. But to save time it is wise to take a train to Silchar from Guwahati after you get down at Guwahati. Else you can fly directly to Silchar from Kolkata.
Where to stay:
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