Assam: Tejpur and Orang



55 tea estates are garnishing the city of Tejpur, the district head quarter of Sonitpur which was previously known as Darang. The Brahmaputra River on both the sides of the city is the lifeline of the city and the civilization of tejpur is also built around the lands of Brahmaputra.

Bamuni pahar or Bamuni hills, located at a distance of 5 km from Tejpur, houses 7 temples. The chief deities are Shiva and Vishnu. There are a lot of fairy tales written on the dotted stones atop the hills. The panoramic view of the River Brahmaputra is also eye catching.

The temple of Ganesh, on the banks of the river, houses an idol which is carved on the rocks. The captivating orchard, at the opposite side of the temple, adds the zing to the beauty of the surrounding places.

Climb to the adjoining tila crossing 175 stairways and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the River Brahmaputra. The reflection of the light during sunset on the water of the river creates a pleasing locale.

DC bungalow and tourist lodge are two places where you can stay at.

Walk around the attractive coal park, located at the opposite side of the tourist lodge.
Visit the district museum, adjacent to the Kachari. Devotees enjoy the theology of the Shiva temple, situated at the opposite side of district museum. Enjoy the ruins of the temple, about 51 km towards the western side of Tejpur. Tejpur is embellished with the mesmerizing greeneries, enthralling lakes and wonderful parks. The mild weather of Tejpur also attracts a large number of holiday makers. Race course and polo ground are there in the city since British time.
Tejpur mental hospital is famous in the proximity.

Bhalukpong, about 60 km off Tejpur, is located amidst the captivating natural environs. The hilly tract crossing the Rivers Sonai and Rupai will lead you to Bhalukpong sanctuary. The sanctuary covers a rambling area of 175 square km, around the border of Assam and Arunachal.

Enjoy the scenic beauty around the feral River Jiavrali on the valley of Bhalukpong. Various multihued and vibrant butterflies spread the colors on the valley.
Local buses, taxis and trains are available to Bhalukpong from Tejpur and Rangapada north.

Hotel solu, Hotel Tashiyangtse and privately owned hotels are there in Bhalukpong.

Ardent travelers who are high on their energy can visit nearby state, Arunachal as well.

Orang Chariyali is located at a distance of 45 km towards the west of Tejpur and Orang wild life sanctuary is situated at a distance of 18 km from Chariyali. If you prefer to visit the sanctuary by road then you have to stay at Orang for a night. Otherwise spend 800 rupees and hire a jeep to complete the trip of Orang on the same day. Since 1992, the sanctuary is named as Rajib Gandhi Sanctuary.

One horned rhinos, elephants, leopards, sambars and deer are the denizens of the fascinating and rich woodlands of Shaal, Simul, and Eucalyptus. The sanctuary resembles the woods of Kaziranga. Migratory birds assemble in the sanctuary in winters. Pelkyan birds soar in the sanctuary from distance America in winters.

Enjoy the romantic stay at the forest bungalows of Orang. Modern facilities like electricity are not available in these bunglows though. Sat Simul bungalow, situated at a distance of 5 km inside the forest and Silabari forest lodge at the entrance of the Orang sanctuary are the places where you can stay at. Apart from these forest bungalows there is a tourist lodge of Assam tourism as well.

Orang can be accessed from Tejpur and Guwahati by road. Tejpur is located at a distance of 90 km from Orang which is 132 km away from Guwahati.

How to reach:
Rangia Junction railway station is well connected to many cities of India. If you want to go to Tejpur then you have to avail a train from Kolkata and get down at Rangia rail station. Then tourists have to change the train to Tejpur from Rangia. Bus services are also available quite frequently to Tejpur from Rangia.
Where to stay:
Prashaanti Tourist Lodge, Hotel Parijat, Hotel Rest House, Hotel Dhurba, Hotel Himalaya and Hotel New Meghdoot.

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