Bihar: Bhagalpur, Sahebgunj, Tinpahar and Karmatola


Bhagalpur, about 413 km away from Kolkata, attracts tourist from different parts of India due to its pleasant weather and healthy atmosphere and drinking water. Rabindra museum, located at a distance of 3 km away from the railway station, is built in remembrance of the great poet Rabindra Nath Tagore. The home of the poet Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay is still well maintained by his ancestors. Durga temple, zoo, archeological museum, art school, white house, and aambagan (Garden of mangoes) are the places of tourist interest. Bhagalpur used to be a second home for Bengalees at one point of time, but times have changed now.

To take a glimpse of the art on the silk sarees, tourists should visit Nathnagar, a Jain pilgrimage spot. The sight of the excellent architectural elegance of Kach Ka Jain temple, a 250 years old temple of white marble, Champapuri Jain temple of white marble, and Digambar temple should not be missed out. There are idols of 24 Jian saints in a beautiful garden of Bhagalpur. The idols are surrounded by four temples at their four sides. Even though the room, built by Chand Sadagar (A character of Manasha Mangal), is not in existence but the Manasha temple is still there. Kuppa ghat ashram or the cave, situated at the banks of the River Ganges amidst nature and Agriculture College can also be seen.

In the middle of the River Ganges, the Ajgaibinath temple, atop the rock, has many idols. The temple is connected with Parbati temple by a bridge.

Mandar Hill, at an altitude of 1500 feet, is another famous Jain pilgrimage spot. Atop the Mandar hill, the temple of Digambar Jain is really very attractive to the Jain community.

20 feet tall Buddha idol, 5 feet tall Vishnu idol, idol of Devi Sakambari, and idols of many Jain saints are also very important to the Jain community.

How to reach: You can avail trains to Bhagalpur junction from Sealdah or Howrah Railway stations, Kolkata. Mandar Hill is also very well connected by trains from Bhagalpur. It is just 2 hours (50 km) away from Bhagalpur.

Where to stay: Hotel Gaylord, Station Chowk, Hotel Nihar, and State authority Bungalow.

Sahebganj, popularly known as a historical place of Bihar, is situated at a distance of 38 km from Bhagalpur. The main entrance of Bengal-Bihar was situated at Chikkargarh, about 3 km from Bhagalpur. But the place has lost its old glory and the name has also changed to Shakrugarh. Although not many Bengalis live here anymore but the place called Bengali tola is still there along with its prominent ethnicity. The environment around the fountain beside Sidhu Kanhu stadium is nice but the social and political circumstances of the town are not very good.
Karmatola, about 9 km away from Sahebganj, is a quiet and serene spot bounded by hills all around. The fort situated on the station is commonly known as Toliagari fort. It is said that this place was the border between Bihar and Bengal earlier. The fort was encircled by a large wall of height 74 feet.

Karmatola can be reached by trains from Kolkata and from Sahebganj quite easily.

Priya Hotel, Komal Nibas, Indra Abas, and Dharamsala are the noteworthy hotels in Sahebganj.

If you visit Sahebganj and Karmatola then don’t forget to visit the small village, Maharajpur. The village is blessed with its natural environs. The river Ganges and many hills in the village are making the village a nice destination away from the vociferous city life. Moti falls of the village is the chief attraction.

Forest bungalow, located about half km away from Maharajpur rail station, at the top of the hill is the only available option where you can stay for a night.

Tinpahar junction, about 37 km away from Sahebganj, is a remote undulating village. The picturesque village looks even more beautiful with Rajmahal Mountain range around the village. The most important attraction of the village is the palace of the king. The Singhy Dalan (Palace), situated at the banks of the River Ganges, is a palace that still displays the old grandeur. Rajmahal was the kingdom of Mug-Hal Empire. Radhakrishna temple and the huge Shiva temple, built my Mansingha depict the Hindu cultural radiance. The three storied Singhy dalan was famous because at that time the king used to show the splendor of the River Ganges to the guest from the dalan.

The Jumma mosque, about 6 km away from rail station of Rajmahal, is a mosque which depicts the beautiful Mogly architecture. Palace of Mirkashim, Palace of Suja, various temples, and mosques are the spots which have historical value to the tourists. But most of the monuments of that ancient age are in ruins. The weather of TinPahar and Rajmahal is conducive for a comfortable journey. Vaishnab temple and Taljhari church are the other coveted destinations in Rajmahal.

Trains are connecting Rajmahal and Tinpahar. It takes only half an hour to reach Rajmahal from Tinpahar by train.

Udhwa bird sanctuary, about 13 km away from Rajmahal, is a place for bird watchers or ornithologists. Bird lovers will definitely enjoy the variety of birds present in the sanctuary. The scenic beauty around Patura and Barha Lake is spectacular. Don’t forget to see the place from the watch tower in the shades of Shaal, Peal, and Eucalyptus trees.

Forest rest house and state authority bungalow are the places where you can stay overnight.
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