Bihar: Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary


Bhimbandh, at the foothills of Mahadev Pahar (hill), is situated at a distance of 30 km from Kharagpur.

There is a hot spring in Bhimbandh. The water of the spring is meeting Bhim Sarabar (reservoir), Gandhi Sarabar, and Manash Sarbar on its way. Interested tourists can also take a bath in the spring water. The shiva temple, located at 2 km higher up from the plains, is an interesting spot for tourists. The town looks wonderful with its surrounding hills and falls. The 681 square km sanctuary has a large variety of flora, and fauna.  You can also see wildlife animals like leopard, Bison and singing birds by the lines of shaal, Simul, Palash, Kusum, Carpus, Bahera, Amlaki, Haritaki and Arjun. Hire a jeep and enjoy a pleasant ride in the forest.

Some shops are available in Lachimpur, about 6 km away from Jiloriya but it is always advisable to carry food along with you. Hiranya hill, about 13 km away from Jamalpur, is well known to the Buddhist. The residents of the village belong to backward communities. The village, situated at a height of 500 meters from the plains, is spreading over a sprawling area of 42*36 square km. If you have time then you can visit Panchkumari falls, and Rameshwar kunda.

The sight of the lake, located in the natural backdrop, about 4 km away from Kharagpur market, is also an astonishing site for the tourists. Boat ride on the lake will gratis you from the worries of the mundane and unexciting daily life.

The best time to visit Bhimbandh is during the months of November-March. You have to take a guide along with you for a nice forest trip. It is also mandatory to take permission to get into the forest.

How to reach: A lot of express and local trains are going to Kharagpur from Howrah railway station, Kolkata. Jeep, taxi and cars are available from Kharagpore. Trekkers can trek to Bhimbandh from Jamalpur, about 10 km away from Jamalpur. Jamalpur can be accessed by bus from Kharagpur. You can also drive down from Kolkata in 3 to 4 hours.

Where to stay: Bhimbandh forest bungalow in Bhimbandh and Irrigation bungalow in Lake Area.

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