Bihar: Munger and Jamalpur


Munger, is the capital of the last king of Bihar, Mirkashim. The ancient city Modgiri is known as Munger. The earthquake in 1934 had affected Munger severely. The fort of Mirkashim is still there in the city but the appeal and splendor of the fort is not that eminent anymore. It is believed that the fort was built at the time of the epic Mahabharata. Munger is kissed by the River Ganges. It is said that a holy bath in “Kashtaharini ghat” (Name of the bank of Ganges) dissolves the pain.

Sitacharan temple, situated in the middle of the River Ganges, is an imperative attraction of Munger. Take a boat ride and go to the temple. Mirkashim cave and the palace of Shah Suja adjacent to the temple will welcome you gleefully. The scenic beauty of the Jai Prakash ground, situated at the eastern side of the temple, is magnificent. Goyenka Hospital, at the left hand side of the entrance of the temple, Dharamsala, the school of yoga, and the Shiva temple, surrounded by water are other interesting and fascinating places of Munger.

Sitakunda (a well), located at a distance of 6 km towards the eastern side of Munger, is the chief attraction of Munger. Apart from Sitakund, few other kundas are also very prominent in Munger.

Interested tourists can visit mausoleum of Pir sahib atop the Pir Pahar. Don’t forget to see the Chandi Temple, crossing Netaji Chawk. The architecture of the temple is really pleasing. The temple houses idols of Devi Chandi, Kali and Shiva.

Hire a rickshaw to complete the tour within few hours.

The hot spring amidst the natural environs, situated at a distance of 10 km towards the southern side of Sitakunda, is another sought after destination of Munger. The hot spring is well known as Chambal of Bihar.

Durga temple, mosque, lake, and shiva temple are the other interesting places in Kharagpur, about 43 km away town from Munger. Enjoy the astonishing sight of the lake surrounded by hills all around.

Another small town nearby is Jamalpur. The uneven hilly town in the middle of the natural setting is really beautiful. Kali temple, Shiva temple and Ganesh temple are renowned in Jamalpur. Take the pleasure in the bird’s eye view of the city from the top of the hill. Jamalpur is also known for its railway workshop.

How to reach: A lot of trains are available from Sealdah and Howrah railway stations, Kolkata to Jamalpur.  Munger, situated at a distance of 9 km from Jamalpur, can be accessed from Jamalpur by Bus or by taxi or by train very easily.

Where to stay: Central Point International Hotel, Bharat rest house, Apollo rest house, Dipak rest house, and Maroari Basa.

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