Bihar: Pawapuri


Pawapuri, about 87 km away from Patna, is a holy site for Jain. The “Jalamandir” (Jal means water and Mandir means temple) is a famous site of Pawwapuri, located at Komal Sarobar (Reservoir). The big sarobar is situated in the middle of a beautiful natural backdrop. The white marble temple, located in the middle of the Sarobar, is a treat to the eyes due to its architectural gracefulness and elegance. Bird watchers will also enjoy the scenic beauty along with the birds around the Sarabar. It is believed that the last Jain priest, Bardhaman Mahavir got Nirvana in Pawapuri. The footprints of Mahavir and his descendents are also quite evident in the premises of Jalamandir. It is believed that on the auspicious day of Mahavir’s birthday, Mahavir appears and resides in Jalamandir. A lot of devotees come from different places to witness the divinity of the temple on that propitious day.

The king Nandi Bardhan, brother of Mahavir, had built a shrine to recall the memories of Mahavir. A lot of temples are still coming up at the opposite side of the shrine. Gurgathan temple, Gouna temple, Naya temple, and Samasharan temples are the nearby interesting tourists destinations.

Interested tourists can also plan to visit Bihar Sharif, about 12 km away from Pawapuri towards Bakhtiarpur. It is said that Buddha had lived on the hills of Pir Pahari, located in Bihar Sharif. Hiuen Sangh, the renowned Chinese traveler, had also visited Bihar Sharif. A pillar standing alone in Pawapuri recalls the glory of the Gupta Kingdom.

The name of the state Bihar has come from the time of the King Gopal of Paul Family and the name Sharif has come from the saint Mukhdum Shah, as he was known as a “sharif admi” (The honest man). Tourists, irrespective of their religion, like to visit the mausoleum of Malik Ebrahim Baya Saheb.

Enjoy the serenity of the place along with the splendor of the Kakolat Water Falls on the way to Naoda from Pawapuri. The falls is coming down from a height of 160 feet. The fair that takes place on Chaita Sankranti (The last day of Bengal calendar year) is very popular and trendy. Tourists are attracted to the fair from different places of Bihar.

Hire a car or a rickshaw to complete the tour of Pawapuri in few hours. Package tours are also conducted from Rajgir to Nalanda and Pawapuri. You can also avail service buses for a comfortable journey to Nalanda, Bihar Sharif, Pawapuri and Rajgir. Share jeeps are also available in this route.

How to reach: Trains are available from Rajgir to Pawapuri. You have to get down at Pawapuri road railway station. Pawapuri road is 31 km away from Rajgir. Buses and taxis also connect Pawapuri to Nalanda and Rajgir. But not many trains directly go to Pawapuri road from Kolkata.

Where to stay: There is no hotel in Pawapuri. Tourists who want to stay overnight can stay at Jain Dharamshala.
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