Bihar: Sitamarhi


Sitamarhi, the birthplace of Sita according to the Hindu mythology, has a temple in remembrance of Sita Devi. It is believed that the contemporary king of Sitamadi had got his daughter, Sita from a Kunda or well. A fair every year on Ramnabami attracts a lot of tourists from different places of Bihar. The fair continues for 7 days.

Sitamarhi railway station is connected by railways from Kolkata and also from different places of Bihar like Narkatiyaganj, Dwarbhanga, Madhubani, Jainagar etc. Sitamarhi can be reached by bus in two hours from Muzaffarpur which is a big railway junction of Bihar as well.

Hotel Janki Bihar, Hotel Sitayan, Hotel Bishram, and Hotel Rajkumar are the noteworthy hotels of Sitamarhi.

Janakpur, situated at the border of India, is a Hindu Pilgrimage spot. Apart from many mythological sites, Janakpur also houses Sri Janaki temple, built by white marbles and a Pagoda-type temple.

Janakpur is well connected from Rakshaul, Kathmandu, Pokhra and Jainagar. Rajnagar, located at a distance of 22 km from Jainagar, is known for its palace. The eminent palace is standing on four rocks and each of them resembles the structure of an elephant. Watch and enjoy the architectural intelligence of the palace. Government has decided to run a college in the palace. Apart from the palace, Rajnagar also has a durga temple, built by white marbles. The temple displays a beautiful Kali idol.

Madhubani, another nearby town, about 10 km away from Rajnagar, is famous for its Maithili culture. Madhubani has a special culture and tradition of portraying different social and spiritual incidents on the canvas and also on the walls. It is quite noticeable that the women of Madhuban have devoted themselves in this art and they have got this style of paintings from there ancestors. The architecture of Kali and Kapileshwar temples are also very interesting.

Hotel Sumanta, Hotel Dipak, Hotel elchi, and Hotel Aradhana are few available hotels in Madhubani.

Sourat, about 8 km away from Madhubani, is a place of Bihar where you can still witness Swayamwar but for that you need to particularly know the time when this event takes place. Swayamwar is mainly very popular to the Brahmins (A sect of Hindu community) of sourat.

It is advisable to take a rickshaw from Madhubani and go to Sourat.

Balmikinagar, about 92 km from Dwarbhanga (Bihar), is a spot where the Rivers Tamasha, Gandhak and Narayani meet each other. The Himalayan range is not very far from Balmikinagar. It is believed that Balmiki wrote the epic Ramayana sitting amidst the beautiful natural setting of Balmikinagar. According to the name of Balmiki, the town has got its name as Balmikinagar.

Hotel Valmiki Vihar is the only option for you in Balmikinagar for a night stay.

Balmiki Tiger Reserve:
It is situated in the northern-most part of the West Champaran district of Bihar. The undulating tract is quite common in this part of Bihar.
The Rivers Gandak and Masan keeps on changing their courses quite often. The soil erosion in this place is very prominent in rainy seasons. The place is full of seasonal small rivers and small streams. Petite and ethnic villages look really nice around the forest and rivers.
The forest of Shal, Sishu, and Khayer is spreading over an area of 840 square km. The statistics say that the sanctuary has 53 tigers. Leopard, Sambar, Sloth beer, Hog deer, and Chital are the residents of the sanctuary. Sometimes wild animals from Nepal also move towards Balmiki tiger reserve.
Buses are available from Muzaffarpur to Betiya. From Betiya tourists have to arrange or hire a car to Balmiki tiger reserve by their own. It is important to take an expert driver who can avoid the unevenness of the road as much as possible. 
Nearby Kutraha village has some places where you can stay for a night.
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