Bihar: Sonpur Animal Fair


It is said that Sonpur fair displays anything and everything under the sun. It is said that not only the animals but human beings and tigers are also sold in the fair, the truth of which is yet to be determined. The duration of the oldest and biggest fair of animal trading in India is one month. The fair premise, spreading over an area of 88 acres, is 1 km away from the railway station.

The Sonepur temple, built by Birlas, has its deity residing on a rock. The divine Hari and Hara are residing on the same rock. According to that, the temple is also well known as Harihar Kshetra and it attracts visitors from all over Asia. Visitors take holy bath in Gomati before worshipping Hari and Hara. Apart from Hari and Hara there are many deities like Ashtakali, Panchadevata etc.

Apart from the biggest fair of India, Sonpur also has the longest railway bridge of India. The length of the bridge is 10, 052 feet. G T Road is also crossing Son River through this particular bridge.

How to reach: Sonpur is 9 km away from Hazipur. Hazipur is well connected by railways from Kolkata. Sonpur can also be accessed from Hazipur railway station and from other parts of the country as well.

Where to stay: At the time of the fair, Bihar tourism arranges a temporary cottage, built by tents. Sonpur also has temple rest house and some privately owned hotels. Hazipur also has hotels like Hotel Shivam and Urbashi Hotel.
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