Chhattisgarh : Bhoramdeo



Bhoramdeo is always flourished with innumerable number of tourist. And the best attraction of this place is the famous Bhoramdeo Temple which is a very old Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple, scenically situated in picturesque surroundings of Maikal Mountains and dense forest, was built in the period of 7th to 11th century AD. The temple was built by King Ram Chandra of the Nag Dynasty and always has been a special attraction for lovers of history and archaeology.Popularly known as the “Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh”, the temple is beautifully carved and sculptured with artistic appeal which thus enchants the visitors. Stories from the epic Ramayana are well depicted through these beautifully grafted sculptures. The main idols which are there in the temple are those of Uma-Maheswar, Natraj, Narsimha, Krishna, Surya, KaalBhairava, Nritya Ganesh, Chamunda, Ambika, Sapta-Matrika,Laxmi-Narayan and etc.

Towards the east of this temple lies a beautiful lake, which beautifies the temple further. Moreover attached to this temple lies the Madwa Mahal. Though previously it was a Shiv temple but due its shape, like a marriage shamiyana, it came to be known as the “Madwa Mahal”.The idols of this temple are also extremely gorgeous. On the outer walls there are as many as 54 erotic sculptures in different poses depicting the asana from the “KamaSutra” which are truly an epitome of eternal love and beauty.

How to Reach- Bhoramdeo

Travelling to Bhoramdeo wouldn’t be a tough job though.First you need to reach Kawardha which is 127 km away from Raipur. In order to reach Kawardha, one needs to first reach Simgha which is 85 km from Raipur availing NH-200, then after taking a left turn and availing NH-12A one can reach Kawardha. Buses are frequently available in this 72 km route. Once reached there one can avail any means such as cabs, maruti, or traker in order tosee the city and the fort built by Raja Rajpal Singh. And from here one can go to Bhoramdeo which is just 18km away.           

Once reached Kawardha, there are many places of interest which can be considered as a hub of tourist attraction. One among them is the Khairagarh, which is just 85 km away from Kawardha, is famous for its Art and Culture University. 40kms away from Kawardha, is Gandaifamous for its ancient Kalchuri Shiv Temple. As per historical evidences, this temple was built by the famous kalchuri kings at around 10 to 11 century.

Other Place of Interest


Dongargarh is a city as well a municipality in Rajnandgaon district. Blessed with majestic mountains and ponds, Dongargarh is famous for the Bamleshwari Temple. In order to visit the temple, one can take recourse of the ropeway facility available; as well can prefer climbing the stairs by own self. The temple premise is well equipped with adequate drinking water facility as well with a well-furnished restroom. Adequate arrangements are made to take care of the food provided.

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