Chhattisgarh : Dhamtari



Another site of attraction could be that of Dhamtari.On the way from Raipur towards Jagdalpur along the NH-43 you will come across the district town of Dhamtari.Blessed with an enchanting natural scenic beauty, if one continues travelling along the shore of the Mahanadi River, one is sure to be entranced by the exotic beauty of the adjoining mountains amidst which the famous Gangrel and Madamsilli dams are visible.If one continues travelling 90kms more towards south, it is the Sita Nadi Sanctuary which is bound to enthral all. Situated amidst small hills and forest area, the Sita Nadi Sanctuary is been dissected by the Sita Nadi river, which flows from north to south. Thus the sanctuary is being named after the name of this river.It is been said that Sita Nadi river has a worldwide recognition due to its famous Sal trees.

Flora and Fauna –Sita Nadi Sanctuary

The hilly undulating terrain of Sita Nadi Sanctuary covered with rich vegetation and wild forest of Sal, Teak and Bamboo. Other major plants in the Sita Nadi Sanctuary include Semal, Shegun, Haldu, Saja, Bija, Lendia, Dhaora, Aunla, Salai, Mahua and many more. This Sanctuary provides a lovely shelter to a large number of wildlife as well as innumerable kind of birds.

A wide variety of animal do share their space amidst this Wildlife Sanctuary. The fauna in this sanctuary comprise of Tiger, Leopard, Jackals, Flying Squirrels, Four-horned Antelopes, Jungle Cat, Chinkara, Black Buck, Monkey, Porcupine, Bison, Barking Deer, Striped Hyena, Sloth Bear, Wild Dogs, Nilgai, Gaur, Cobra, and Python and so on. The sanctuary also provides huge number of migratory birds as well. 

Best Time to Visit

For those who are planning for a short trip, make sure you visit this sanctuary around November-June, for it is time when you are sure to enjoy the beauty of nature at her utmost. Entry fee to this sanctuary is Rs10 and for those who want to opt for some guide, hiring them may cost you around Rs.100.

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