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Raipur is the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh, India. Though formerly a part of Madhya Pradesh, it became the capital of Chhattisgarh,after the state of Chhattisgarh was formed on the year 2000.Since then Raipur district became a place of tourist attraction due to its enormous historical and archaeological beauty.

Many stories and legends are associated with the origin of the name ‘Raipur’. The famous legend associated with the origin of the name is the story relating to King Ramachandra's son BrahmdeoRai, for it is considered to be named after his name only. However if we come to the aspect of tourism,Raipur is considered to be flourished with attractive places of attraction. Some amongst them are as follows.

Rajkumar College:

Established in the year 1882, the Rajkumar College was built by Province Commissioner, Sir Andrew Fraser, for the students belonging to the affluent Royal Family. Previously established in Jabalpur, the college got relocated in Raipur after receiving the Cambridge University affiliation in the year 1894. Thus its historical background does draw many tourists from all over the world.

MahantGhasidas Memorial Museum:

This museum in Raipur is listed amongst the leading museums in the central India. Established by the famous Raja MahantGhasidas in the year 1875, this octagonal museum has priceless collectionsof antiques whichinclude inscriptions, weapons, ancient coins, kalachuri sculptures, carvings, Buddhist bronzes, and items like clothes and ornaments that were being used by the different tribes of Chhattisgarh. Thus this museum is sure to draw innumerable tourist around the world. The museum remains closed on Mondays. Timing of visit is 10am to 5pm. The attached library is also a sure to attract tourist spot. The library also remains closed on Mondays.  The timing for the library visit is 1pm to 7pm.


Built in the year 1610, the Dudhadhari Math is probably Raipur's oldest temple. A religious story is associated with the name of this temple. As per the legend, a man named as MahantBalvadra Das used to worship a piece of stone considering it being lord Hanuman. In order to offer his prayer to his piece of stone, every day he used to shower it with the milk of his cow named Surahi. Hence from then onwards is the formation of the name of this temple.

Town Hall:

Another site of attraction in the capital city of Raipur is the building of Town Hall. Entirely draped in the color of red, this Town Hall was considered to be the Head Office of the British associates. The Town Hall was previously referred as the Victoria Hall, in mark of respect to queen Victoria. Thus this place can be a mode of attract amongst adventurous people.

Apart from these places of attraction, Raipur is further adorned with many natural as well as man-made beauties. For instance the now made luxurious hotels were once used to be the palace of the Royal family. Thus these hotels are sure to attract huge group of tourist. Now if one proceeds towards the highway side, one is sure to get mesmerised by the beautification of the Botanical garden which is situated in Keshkal. The main attraction of this place is the watch tower which will help to catch a glimpse of beautiful mountainous surroundings. Other sites of attraction include the beautiful children’s park, some famous cafeteria as well the famous Highway Authority Bungalow. Moreover for those who are religiously inclined, the Ramkrishna Mission, Mahamaya Temple, Jagannath Temple will definitely help you regain your religious temper.

If one travels 34kms eastwards from Raipur along the NH-6, one will come to a place namedArang, famous for some 11 and 12 century old temples. Though the outside of these temples may portray a withered look, but the domes as well as the peaks still show austerity and compactness.

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