Daman & Diu


Daman & Diu:


Since 30th May, 1987, both the districts called Daman and Diu came under the direct control of the Central Government after Goa proudly announced its independence. It turned out to be a unique and sovereign Indian state. The head quarter of Daman and Diu is located now in Daman. Both Daman and Diu have distinct identities. Both are positioned at a distance of 843 km away from each other. There is not even any water transport link between Daman and Diu.

Vapi, the tiny town of Gujarat, on NH-8, is the connecting town between Daman and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Due to the existence of Vapi, Daman is connected to rest of the India by roads. Vapi is accessible by bus and by cars from cities like Mumbai, Surat and Admadabad.

The natural grandeur of Diu pulls more numbers of people as compared to Daman. Diu is not very far away from Somnath, Gujarat.

Vapi is a well connected city to a number of Indian destinations both by trains and by buses. Using the well spread out railway networks tourists can reach Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmadabad from Vapi by train. You can access Nani Daman of Gujarat from the bus stand of Vapi by buses.

Tithal Sea Beach, about 32 km away from Vapi, on NH-8, is a must visit destination for the nature and beach lovers. The nearest railway station of Tithal is Valsad. The railway station of Valsad can be accessed by trains from Mumbai Central, Ahmadabad and Ajmer.

Toran Holiday Home, Hotel Amantran and Solti Beach Resort are few noteworthy hotels where tourists can stay overnight at Tithal.

Vapi also houses a number of hotels, such as, Kamats Vapi Hotel, Shalimar Hotel, Hotel Greenview, Pritams Vapi Hotel and Hotel Dipak Guest House. 

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