Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary


Once popularly known as Mollem, the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is flanked on the Western Ghat slope and is spread across a rambling 240 square km of territory. About 60 km away towards the north- eastern side of Panjim, it is the largest Sanctuary of Goa. The entrance of the fascinating terrain of the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary is positioned at a distance of 10 km away from Collem in the picturesque Mollem.

Ambling denizens, such as, leopards, elephants, deer and gaurs, welcome all the nature lovers who flock to this enthralling land.  Besides these natural inhabitants, Black panthers also stroll in and around the green manor. But, if you can get an opportunity to see them inside the compelling forest, then you can consider yourself in the lucky lot. It’s a delightful heaven for the bird watchers as well. The best place to catch a glimpse of all these animated dwellers is the Devil’s Canyon View Point.

The divine Tamdi Surla Shiva Temple, erected on the banks of the River, at the foothill of the charming Western Ghat hill range, was erected way back in 13th century during the epoch of Kadamb and Yadav dynasties. The holy spot for the spiritual throngs is positioned at a distance of 13 km inside the deep forest. To feel the divinity of this famous Shiva temple you can hire a Jeep to the temple. The road towards the temple would show you plenty of effervescent denizens and a class- apart natural façade.

A lot of tourists regularly visit the land of astonishment, the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary from Pune and Bangalore. Don’t miss the opportunity to gaze at the wonderful natural settings of this sanctuary and the Dudhsagar waterfall in this part of the world.

Trains travel through the undulating Western Ghat hill to the Vasco, about 110 km away from the plains of the Castle Rock. Tourists can enjoy the agreeable nature while travelling on the train of the 129 km long Konkan railways. The trains move towards their destinations through the gripping greeneries. Soaring Western Ghat hill and the lingering Arabian ocean are spread at both the sides of the railway track. The trains of the Konkan railways move through the well-spread-out valley to Mangalore touching places like Ratnagiri, Margao, Karwar and Karmali. Tourists would thoroughly be entertained while moving towards Margao from Mumbai by trains which pass through a number of tunnels. The longest tunnel is 6 km long.
Hordes of holiday makers who flock to Goa should enjoy boat rides. Previously all the scattered Islands of Goa were accessed by water transports. Buses used to move to various Islands on vessels. But now a number of Islands are linked by viaducts. Yellow colored bikes travel from one place to the other in Goa as well. Helmets are given to the tourists. Interested travelers can even hire bikes. Divar Island and Betim, two prominent destinations of Goa can be accessed by ship as well.

The concavity of turtles and home craft items of Goa attract tourists. Holiday makers love to savor the taste of Cinnamons and cashew nuts in Goa. Most of the tourists purchase cinnamons at the end of their Goa trip and carry them back home. Cinnamons are not at all expensive here. Goa would entertain many who love to satisfy their taste buds with sea fishes. People of Goa are very skillful cooks. Some of the well known recipes and Dishes of Goa are Xacuti, Vindalo and Prawn Balahao. Bebinca, Dodal and Doce are the popular sweetmeats of Goa. You should not miss the opportunity of drinking Port Wines, Red Wines and White Wines. Inhabitants of Goa sing and perform for the tourists as well. Watch these special performances to get know their very own cultural significance and traditional connotation. City dwellers are friendly and love to enjoy their lives.

How to reach: The nearest railway station of the Wildlife Sanctuary is Vasco which is well connected to Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bhopal, Yashwantpur and many more destinations by raulways. You can reach Vasco airport by air from Mumbai and Delhi as well. A number of private buses regularly travel to Vasco from different spots of West India.
Where to stay: Besides Dudhsagar Spa Resort of GTDC (Mollem), countless numbers of other privately owned hotels are there as well.

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