Goa: Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary



The pretty Bondla wildlife sanctuary forest, about 50 km away from Panjim is spread across a sprawling 80 square km of land, on the slope of the Western Ghat hills and is located at an elevation of 3000 feet.

The enthralling Botanical Garden, riveting rose orchard, deer park and wildlife sanctuary (zoo) of Bondla forest are pulling crowds in numbers. The Rogoda River flows through the eastern tip of the forest towards the northern side of the Bondla forest and meets with the Madhel River on its way.

It was once the territory of the Kadamba dynasty and is now the captivating homeland of bison, boars, deer, leopards and different species of reptiles. Apart from all these natural denizens, different known and unknown species of colorful birds and vivacious butterflies fly around the pretty woodland. To watch the natural sumptuousness and strolling animals around, climb up the Tree top view point. Trekking lovers can enjoy the wonderful natural façade, trekking along with a guide. You can hire a guide from the Nature- Education- Cum- Interpretation- Center. It’s a lovely place to spend an entire day on the lap of the beautiful nature. It’s an ideal destination for the picnic and outing lovers. Make sure that you don’t reach the Bodla Forest on Thursday as it’s closed on Thursday.

The one and only Safa Shahouri Masjid, built long back in 1560 by Adil Shah, is a nearby destination. Watch the mosque thoroughly before traveling to Ponda. The primeval and distinguished mosque was destroyed long back but later on it was built once again.

About 4 km away from Ponda, Farmaguri Park, exhibits multihued flowers on different slopes. The idol of Sambhaji on a horse is the central attraction here.

The Holiday resort of GTDC, atop a hillock, is located at the opposite side of the Farmaguri Park.

The door of the nearby holy temple is well adorned. The prominent artistic touch on the door is significantly visible. The cave was carved out of laterite stones in Khandepar during 12th century. Another astonishing rock cut cave, carved during 5th century, can be seen in Arvalem. A Shiva lingam is placed right in the middle of it. According to the Hindu mythological tale, Pandavas had lived here for few days during their exile. Hence, it is also known as Pandavas cave in the proximity.

How to reach: For a comfortable journey, you can avail a package tour of GTDC to Bondla forest. Bus services are quite good as well. You can visit Bondla from nearby places availing bus or hiring a vehicle.

Where to stay: You can book any of the 12 rooms of the tourists’ cottage of the forest department. For quality foods you can contact The Den canteen.

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