Gujarat: Ambaji Pilgrimage near Mount Abu


Even though the Ambaji pilgrimage is located actually in Gujarat but most of the tourists access the city after visiting Mount Abu.

The city life of Ambaji pilgrimage has been developed around a sanctified temple. A new gigantic temple, erected with marbles, had been built on the ruins of the old one. The goddess Durga is residing on the throne of this hallowed temple. Peacock is the carrier of the deity. Huge numbers of devotees flock to the temple regularly due to its divinity. The deity is residing on the 1st floor. But, the most surprising part is that the deity has no idol here. You can see a shimmering earthen lamp which is enlightening the entire room where it is placed. Countless numbers of devotees are offering clarified butter to the almighty. Man Sarovar or holy Devi Kund (well), located at the back end of the temple, is a prime attraction as well. Pilgrims take a bath in the kund before watching the facade of the deity and paying honor to her.

About 2 km away from the temple of Ambaji, the Arasuri Ambaji Shakti Pith, Gabbar, atop the Aravali hill, can be accessed through an undulating land. The pilgrimage looks majestic as it enjoys the shelter of foliage. The tiny temple depicts the impressive odissi architectures. This is also an abode of Devi Durga or Ambaji. The face of the deity is wrapped up in gold. The peak of the temple is draped with expensive gold as well. If you are unable to climb up the temple through 999 stair ways, then you always have an option to hire a hauler for you. Watching the city downside from the rope way car is an enticing experience as well. You, however, have to spend 50 rupees each to travel by the rope way car to the temple. Devi-Ka-Jhula, a prominent destination for the pilgrims, is positioned right in the middle of the staircase. It is believed that anyone can listen to the conversation between Hara and Parvati at the crack of the hill in Devi Ka Jhula.

Share taxis are regularly traveling to Gabbar.

Koti Tirtha, about 7 km towards the north- eastern side of the Ambaji, atop the hill, is definitely a holy pilgrimage spot but tourists who always want to explore the tranquil places of the world, should visit this place once in his/her lifetime. The height of the hill is not very significant. The Kotishwar Mahadev temple is the chief attraction of the spot. Catch a glimpse of the holy Saraswati Kund, situated adjacent to the temple. The sight of the water stream jumping down from the contiguous hill into the Saraswati Kund is remarkable. The feral hilly river Saraswati starts its voyage from the Kund. According to the tradition, pilgrims take a holy bath in the river before worshiping the deity.

Tapovan of the saint Valmiki is there at the opposite side of the bus stand of Koti tirtha. A number of historians opine that Valmiki had formed an Ashram here before writing the Hindu epic Ramayana. Later on, he received the blessings of the Goddess Saraswati. A small temple of Ram and Sita had also been built in the close proximity.

Five Jain temples, built in between Koti Tirtha and Ambaji, atop the Kumbharia hill, is pulling huge Jain crowds from faraway places. Kumbharia Ji Jain temple is the best one among all these temples around. The architectural excellence amidst the astounding surrounds would enthrall everyone. The chief architect of Dilwara temple, Vimala Vashi had again shown his immense talent and creativity on this consecrated temple.

A lot of other temples are also dotted around Kumbharia. Hiring a car would be the best option for the tourists who want to thoroughly enjoy the divine ambiance of Kumbharia.

Avail a bus from Kumbharia to Ambaji and travel to another Jain pilgrimage, Taranga hills by bus. If you have time then you can visit Modhera and Mehsana from Taranga hills. It’s not a bad idea to visit Ahmadabad from Ambaji as well. Frequent bus services are available on this route.

How to reach: Ambaji, about 23 km away from Abu road railway station, can be accessed by bus from Abu Bus Stand. The charming road is hidden in the colorful shade of Palash trees. Buses are going to Ambaji from Modhera, Ahmadabad and Abu hill as well.

Where to stay: Savshanti Hotel. You can also check our hotel booking links below for photos, rates, options and online bookings. It is Ideal to stay at Mount Abu and cover Ambaji from there.

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