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The modern port city, Bhavnagar, was an independent state like many other states of Gujarat. The famous port of Bhavnagar was a class-apart creation of Singh Ji. The port was founded way back in 1723.

Located on the western coast of India, the port city, Bhavnagar, is famous for well-spread-out industries. The prominent business hub of Gujarat, Bhavnagar, has already made its mark as a cotton exporting city of India. Embraced by natural grandeur, the city of Bhavnagar draws attention of the throng of holiday makers.

Takht Singh Ji Hospital was designed during 1879-83 by William Emerson, the president of the British Royal Institute. It resembles the structure of a stately palace.

Darbargarh, the primeval palace, was built during 1894-95 in the middle of the pretty city of Bhavnagar.

The Barton Library or the Gandhi museum, established in 1895, showcases valuable inscriptions along with ancient weapons, armatures, collection of coins and pictorial depictions of the lifestyle of Mahatma Gandhi. Apart from those, a number of items, kept and maintained in the museum, recalls the memories of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian patriot. The famous Gandhi museum was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1963. The museum is closed on Sundays.

The old market, Gaurishankar Lake and Ballbhai Patel garden are the neighboring coveted tourists’ destinations. Thousands of well adorned shops surround the impressive tourists’ spots of Bhavnagar. Most of these shops have a noteworthy collection of items on their shelves.

Embroidered choli, decorated with shimmering glasses and Bandhani saris (Kanjeri) can be collected from Bhavnagar.

Dotted homes, located in the old market, have wooden balconies. These homes increase the magnificence of the city.

The Ganga Devi temple, made up of marble, amidst the city has an appeal. About 5 km away towards the southern side of Bhavnagar, the divine Takhteshwar temple, atop the hillock, is another praiseworthy allurement of the city. The panoramic view of the entire city and Kutch bay from the temple would appease your soul.

For any assistance, tourists can always feel free to contact the office of Gujarat tourism, phone: 09727723945.

Bhel Bhadar Black Buck Sanctuary, about 65 km away towards the northern side of Bhavnagar, located at the western side of Cambay, covering a straggling 35 square km of lush green territory, is open for the interested nature lovers during November- May. It’s a homeland of thousands of Black Buck. They stroll around the entire terrain of the wildlife sanctuary freely. Once it was known as a meadow of royal emperors. Later on, in 1969, it was rewarded with the crown of a sanctuary. The Bhel Bhadar Black Buck sanctuary is 207 km, 55 km and 52 km away from Ahmadabad, Palitana and Talaja respectively.

Besides the herds of Black Buck, numerous Nilgais, wild pigs, wild cats, jackals and lions enjoy their pleasant stay in the middle of gripping greenery. Bhel Bhadar is a heavenly dreamland for the bird watchers as well. The entrance of sanctuary is 10 km away from the National Highway 8A. Get your permission to get into the forest from this place as well. You can watch the natural finery of the Bhel Bhadar Black Buck sanctuary during 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ask a guide to go inside the forest along with you by paying 50 rupees. Each ticket to get into the sanctuary costs 20 rupees.

Nearby Kaliyar Bhavan Forest Lodge is a nice place where you can stay overnight at. For the permission of the delightful forest trip and for booking the lodge, you can contact Deputy Conservator Forest @ (0278) 2428644. Hiring a car for an entire day to watch the façade of the nature is not a bad idea as well.

Along beach, about 50 km away from Bhavnagar, showcases a huge assortment scrap substances of ships.

Interested holiday makers can travel straight away to Diu as it is not very far away from Bhavnagar.

Gopnath Beach, about 80 km away from Bhavnagar, is accessible very easily from Bhavnagar. It was the summer resort of the emperor (Krishnakumar Singh Ji) of Bhavnagar. He was said to be one of the wealthiest rulers of India. 4 rooms of this beguiling palace are rented to the interested holiday makers. It’s not a bad idea to book a room and enjoy the stately lifestyle.

700 years old sanctified temple in Gopinath houses holy deities, such as, Vishnu and Shiva. Few ordinary hotels and dharamshalas are there around the temple for tourists.

How to reach: Bhavnagar railway station is well connected by train to Ahmadabad, Botad, Dhola, Shihor, Palitana and many more Indian cities. Buses from Surat, Vadodara, Bhuj, Junagadh, Veraval, Rajkot, Dwarka, Mumbai and Una regularly ply to Bhavnagar.

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