Gujarat: A Tourist Guide to Chorwad


Chorwad :

Swaying coconut trees nod their heads to welcome tourists to a secluded and tranquil sea beach of Chorwad, about 36 km away from Somnath. Western corridor of the 5 km long sea beach of Chorwad is covered entirely with pieces of stones. Blue water waves of the ocean hit vigorously on the uneven beach land and produces a melancholy and soothing sound. The unmatched sight of Chorwad is just perfect for someone who wants to take rest amidst the absorbing natural environs.

Once known as the pretty summer palace of the Nawab of Junagarh is now in ruins. But, all the holiday makers would be able to experience the old glory days of Chorwad when they get to see the whole premise of the historical summer palace, built in 1928, is adorned marvelously with swaging coconut and palm trees.

At the end of a peaceful beach tour, spiritual crowds can take a walk to watch the divine Shiva in the sanctified Shiva temple, located at the northern side of the captivating Chorwad sea beach. Catch a glimpse of the innumerable shrines, positioned at the road sides.

Apart from the scenic views and enamoring blue ocean waves, Chorwad has lot more to offer. The class-apart vista of the rising sun, coming out from the lap of the transparent water of the sea, is truly praiseworthy. The attractiveness and appeal of the beguiling sunset of Chorwad pull huge numbers of tourists as well.

If the natural splendor of sea beaches entices you more than anything else, then you have to travel straight away to Ahmedpur Mandvi sea beach, about 120 km away from Chorwad, at the border of Diu and Gujarat. The dry pink sands, spread all over, are notable. The entire terrain of Ahmedpur Mandvi looks even more charming as it is hidden in the darkness of tamarisk and palm trees. All of them together greet the hordes of holiday makers with their arms wide open. It’s a pleasing beach where tourists can enjoy a bath. Water sports are organized to draw attention of the tourists during 15th October- 15th June every year.

Ahmedpur is accessible by bus from Ahmadabad, located at a distance of 410 km away from Ahmedpur Mandvi. Tourists who want to visit Ahmedpur Mandvi sea beach by train, have to get down at Delvada railway station, located on the Ahmadabad- Veraval railway track. Fascinating Ahmedpur Mandvi sea beach is situated at a distance of 9 km away from Delvada railway station. Hiring a car from Chorwad or Diu to Ahmedpur Mandvi would not be a bad idea as well.

Beach lovers can stay at PWD Guest House in this heavenly paradise of Ahmedpur Mandvi. As Diu is just 10 km away from Mandvi, tourists can also book their room at Tourist Complex in Diu.

How to reach: Each and every train which is traveling towards Veraval from Ahmadabad or Junagarh is touching Chorwad road railway station on its way. The delightful sea beach of Chorwad is located at a distance of 8 km from the Chorwad railway station. Regular bus services to Chorwad are available from Veraval, Porbandar and Junagadh (78 km). Autos are running to Chorwad from Veraval regularly as well. Chorwad is located at a distance of 30 km from Veraval bus stand.

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