Gujarat - Gir - Home of the Asiatic Lions


 Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Temperature: 33 degrees to 43 degrees Celsius in summers and 7 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius in winter.

Season ( When to Visit ): Famous for the ambling lions, the Gir forest can be best viewed during March- May. The forest, nevertheless, is open for the general public during October- June. It’s really tough to get into the forest to watch the natural milieu in rainy seasons.

Transportation and other important points: Hire a Jeep spending 1300- 1500 for 3 hours for a comfortable tour of the forest. Jeep accesses the core forest territories through 6 different roads. You have to pay according to the quality of the car. You can carry a camera inside but you have to pay for it according to its quality as well. The longest route is of 31 km. You have to pay extra in case you go there on Saturdays, on Sundays or on any holidays. It is important to hire a guide alongside. For availing a package tour you can contact Asst Director of Information.

About 12 km away from Gir, the Interpretation Zone Safari Park in Devaliya, covering 4 square km of forest, can be accessed both by jeep and by bus. This is the best place where from nature lovers can enjoy the sight of the ambling denizens. You can collect your ticket from the reception center at Devaliya (except on Wednesdays).

Crocodile Park: About 12 km from Sasan, the crocodile project of Gir, situated adjacent to the Kamaleshwar dam, houses numerous crocodiles. Natural denizens assemble on the premise of the crocodile park to quench their thirsts. The watch tower in the park offers an enamoring bird’s eye view of the surrounds.

Tulsi Shyam Hot Spring: About 96 km away from Sasan, Tulsi Shyam Hot Spring, is the place where hordes of holiday makers enjoy a bath. Spiritual crowds who are willing to witness the divinity should take a walk to the nearby Krishna, Bhim and Kumbhi temple. Most of the tourists access the Tulsi Shyam Hot Spring effortlessly through Una.

Ethiopian tribes are the prime inhabitants of the Gir forest. They are enjoying their stay in the engrossing forest for more than 700 years.

Palitana is just 75 km away from the Tulsi Shyam Hot Spring.

Toran Tourist Camp, Dharamshalas and many more privately owned hotels are there around Tulsi Shyam Hot Spring.

Core area of the Gir forest: Lion safari, arranged by the forest authority starts at 5 p.m. The sanctuary was built in 1969 and is spread across a straggling 1516 square km. Later on the terrain of the forest had increased to 5000 square km but its core area is covering a sprawling 1432 square km. You can access 258 square km of the core area by granting permission from Sinh Sadan F L. Most of the parts of the absorbing forest are covered with stones. Green foliage can only be seen in 10 % of its area. This is the only place in Asia where lions can be seen. Lions with distinguished characters rule the rambling area of the forest. 2.75 meters tall tales of the lions are notable. According to the statistics of 2005, it is the homeland of 359 lions. Located at an altitude of 157 meters, the Gir forest has 268 leopards, 2262 shambars, 137 hyenas, 387 chinkaras, 1856 nilgais (four thronged antelope), panthers and boars. 30 different species of mammals, 20 kinds of reptiles, peacocks and monkeys amble around the forest. Colorful and animated indigenous birds fly in and around the terrain of the lush green manor. But, harsh sound, produced by the visitors, have bunged the regular activities of these vivacious birds. This is why you have to be quiet all throughout.

The best place to get to know the history of the absorbing Gir forest is the Forest Lodge Complex, located adjacent to the reception center. Visit the Orientation Center to watch a film show and to be familiar with the daily life of the lions. Get to know about the daily routine of crocodiles at the Crocodile Rearing Centre.

How to reach: Gir railway station is just 43 km away from Veraval which is situated on the Veraval- Khijadiya- Sasan gir railway track. Sasan Gir is well connected to Junagadh by trains as well. Gir is accessible by bus from Rajkot, Veraval, Junagadh and Somnath.

Where to stay: The Dak Bungalow, amidst the gripping greenery, is the best place to stay at and enjoy the natural grandeur.

Other noteworthy places where you can book a room are Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge, Forest Guest House, Lion Safari Lodge, Hotel Annapurna, Hotel Umang, Hotel Leo and Rajashree Guest House. Check our hotel booking links below for photos, rates, options and online bookings.

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