Gujarat - Jamnagar - A Tourist's Guide


The fortified city of Jamnagar was a popular city which was the capital of the Jadeja Rajput dynasty. The city was built way back in 1540 and was named as Nabanagar.

The astonishing golden colored king palace which is the prime charm of the city is entirely delimited by a tall rampart. The architectural elegance and artistic decorations of the palace are truly marvelous.

Modern amenities and ancient evidences of the city are pulling crowds. It is going to become one of the most important destinations of India for the industrialists in near future. Countless numbers of industries have been built along the prolonged banks of 200 km. The colossal Sursagar Lake, amidst the city, was excavated at the heart of the city. Picnic and jaunt lovers would enjoy their time on the banks of the enthralling lake. Two of the floating palaces namely, Kotha and Lakota are nestled in the water of the beguiling lake and were the primeval summer resorts of the royal family. A viaduct, built nicely by placing stones, connects these resorts to the banks of the Lake.

Very recently to amuse hordes of holiday makers an archeological museum has been constructed in Lakota. The museum is rich in its collection. Pottery and architectural sculptures, kept in the museum, are treats to the eyes of the tourists. If you blow air into the hole of the floor of the Kotha palace, then you would get water out of the well. You won’t be able to watch the splendor of both of these palaces, however, on the second and forth Saturdays as on these days these palaces remain closed. The Mach Bhawan Palace on the banks of the Lake and the adjoining park are the interesting tourists’ destinations of Jamnagar. The nearby fountain entertains all during 4-9 p.m. The new name of this riveting park is Dr. Ambedkar Ground.

While moving towards the Lake, tourists should witness the façade of the deity in the holy Kali temple on the way. The Hanuman Temple, positioned at the south- eastern side of the Kotha palace, is noteworthy. Witnessing the prayers in the museum would be an enticing experience for the spiritual crowds. It has included its name as the longest prayer in Guinness book of world record.

Two Jain temples which are dedicated to Adinath (1st Tirthankar) and Shantinath (16th Tirthankar) are drawing attention of the Jain pilgrims. Idols of Rabindra Nath Tagore, Ramkrishna and Vivekananda have been constructed on the premise of the Manik Bhai Cremation Ground. A number of mythological tales had also been engraved at various corners of the cremation ground. The contiguous Maqbara is wonderful as well. The Marine museum (6 km away from the city), City Lake Aquarium and Ranjit Sagar (10 km away from the city) are the other sought after tourists’ destinations of Jamnagar.

Nature lovers, however, should not miss the opportunity to move towards the bay of Kutch to witness the grandeur of the Marine National Park which is covering a rambling 162.89 square km of lush green manor. The area of the Park is spread across 42 neighboring islands. This is a captivating homeland of plenty of wild donkeys. A number of other animals accompany them as well. The place is rich in flora and fauna. Beautiful coral reefs would definitely catch your eyes. Besides prawns, turtles and eagles, different species of vivacious fishes and aquatic animals enjoy their stay on the lap of the nature. The natural locale of the Marine National Park is laudable. Animated indigenous and migratory birds fly in and around the forest. Lucky throng of tourists would also be able to enjoy the dance of the startling dolphins.

For watching and experiencing one of the delightful creations of nature, you have to travel to the Pirotan Island which is surrounded by class-apart coral walls. Covering 1.5 square km of Land, the Pirotan Island, is an attractive destination for many. Boats are frequently traveling to the Pirotan Island from the wharf of Jamnagar which is 15 km away from Pirotan. Hundreds of itinerant birds enjoy the beautiful Island. The tiny mangrove foliage and submerged corals are worth watching. To watch the park, however, everyone has to grant permission from the Conservator of Forest, Marine N P, Jamnagar.

Interested tourists can stay for few days at the PWD Rest House.

Come even closer to nature at the bird sanctuary, about 15 km away from Jamnagar. Covering 6.05 square km of land, the bird sanctuary, can be accessed by hiring an auto or a car from Jamnagar. Tiny Islands, scattered around, can be watched on the way to the bird sanctuary. All these diminutive islands are hidden in dark bushes. Nilgai, boars, Porcupines and deer amble on these tiny islands. Grasshopper, colorful butterflies and plenty of known and unknown birds are seen on these islands. Watch all these impressive sights sitting on the car which would take you to your desired destination through the slender streets of the Island. It’s an enticing experience.

The royal palace at Jamnagar is another coveted destination for the tourists. The assortments of portraits of the Victorian era, maintained in this stately palace, would amuse one and all.

You can also drive your car to DKV College or Pratap Vilas, only if you have the permission to get into the palace to watch its sumptuousness and elegance.

The name of the Solarium or the Ayurvedic University of Jamnagar is enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records. The university which conducts a number of researches on Ayurvedic treatments is first of its kind in India. The sunrays are getting reflected all throughout the day on a revolving tower here. With the help of the reflected sun light, patients of cancer and skin diseases are treated. This Ayurvedic hospital was built by Ranjit Singh Ji.

Embroidery and Bandhuni saris of Jamnagar are quite popular as well. Buy and carry them along with you. To watch the traditional Gujarati dance form, Garba, visit the city during the festival of Navaratri (October- November).

You can keep your luggage in the railway cloak room and hire a car from the station to move in and around the city. A whole day is sufficient to watch the places of interests of Jamnagar.

How to reach: Jamnagar is well connected to Ahmadabad, Vadodara, Surat, Dwarka, and Rajkot by railway networks. Buses also ply regularly to Jamnagar from Dwarka, Mumbai, Porbandar, Junagadh, Somnath, Rajkot and many more Indian cities.

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