Gujarat - Porbandar - A Tourist's Guide


The modern business hub,
Porbandar, is positioned on the prolonged banks of the Arabian ocean. The Wharf of the port city has every modern amenity and facility. Porbandar was a well known junction which used to connect India to overseas countries for business purposes.

The Porbandar sea beach, covered with dry sands, looks amazing. Enjoy a pleasing walk through the Beautiful and well planned streets of Porbandar. It is the birth place of famous Indian freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi who had spread the message of peace.

The industrial city, Porbandar, now has cement manufacturing, chemical and garments factories. Countless number of city dwellers earns money in Porbandar by selling dried fishes.

To commemorate the great leader Mahatma Gandhi, the Government has built Kirti Mandir. Tourists who flock to Porbandar should also take a look at the home where the Indian Patriot Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869. He had left the city of Porbandar at an age of 12 and had traveled all the way to Rajkot. To uphold the age-old Indian tradition and to recall the great leader Mahatma Gandhi, his reading room, bed room and all the other old items are still maintained here with utmost zeal.

Mahatma Gandhi had taken his last breath at an age of 79. To recall his death, the industrialist namely Nanji Kalidas had erected a 79 feet tall temple. 79 earthen lamps, placed in the Kirti Mandir, brighten up the territory of the memorial. Numerous tales of the life of Mahatma Gandhi has been embossed on the walls of the Kirti Mandir. Traces and memories of Mahatma Gandhi are found in the library, exhibition room, Charka room, school and devotional room. All these memorials are open to all the people who are interested to access these.

The beguiling Sudama palace or the temple, on the way to the Kirti mandir, is a prime enticement of Porbandar. The Kanya Gurukul Girls’ School has become a popular name now all over the world for its Indian education system which had been inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.

Cross the Jynbeeli Bridge, located at the northern side of the city, to access Bharat Mandir. Situated amidst a wonderful orchard, the Bharat Mandir, exhibits a grand relief map of India instead of any deity. Mythological deities of Hindu epics Mahabharata and Ramayana had been carved using bas relief art form on the walls and pillars of the captivating Bharat temple. You can watch your distorted images standing right in front of the mirrors (6). You can watch the splendor of the riveting Bharat temple spending 2 rupees each during 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The Nehru Planetarium, located there at the opposite side of the Bharat Mandir organizes a number of programs in Gujarati language. The entry to the planetarium is restricted to the audience who purchases a ticket of 5 rupees.

Besides divine Hanuman and Gayetri temples, a number of other temples are drawing attention of the spiritual minded people as well.

The beautiful and well-stretched-out sea beach of Porbandar was popularly known as willing don Merina Beach previously. Recall the old glory days at Raj Mahal and Hujir palace, on the banks of the Arabian ocean. Cigarette case (silver and gold) and vanity bag manufacturing factories are also there in Porbandar.

Spiritual crowds should not miss the opportunity to feel divinity of the deity, Jagadamba in the pious Harshad Mata temple, about 35 km away from Porbandar, atop the Koyla hill. Madhabpur temple (65 km from Porbandar) and Baleshwar Shiva temple of 7th century (35 km from Porbandar) are the other nearby coveted destinations for the throngs of pilgrims.

Ghumli George, about 20 km towards the northern side of the holy Baleshwar Shiva temple, is another class-apart attraction of Gujarat. The step well, Vikia Vav of 12th century, depicts excellent Gujarati architectures.

To be familiar with the Gujarati folk dance forms, interested tourists can travel to Degam and Kuchdi village, which are located at a distance of 5 km and 9 km away from Porbandar respectively.

Covering 1 square km of land, the bird sanctuary, about 5 km away from the Porbandar railway station, is located right at the heart of the city and is a homeland of vivacious birds like flamingo.

Panthers, Nilgais, Lions, Monkeys, wild boars and Sambars stroll around the lingering, 200 square kilometers terrain of the Barda Lion Sanctuary, about 14 km away from Porbandar. Take permission from the Assistant Conservator of Forest to witness the marvelous grandeur of the sanctuary.

3 to 4 hours are sufficient for watching all the allurements of Porbandar. After thoroughly enjoying the splendid city of Porbandar, tourists can move towards Dwarka. Buses ply regularly to Dwarka and Somnath from Porbandar. Trains are also travelling to Dwarka from Porbandar.

How to reach: Porbandar can be accessed by bus from Somnath, Dwarka, Jamnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh, Veraval, Diu and many more West Indian destinations. The city is well connected to Kolkata, Rajkot, Ahmadabad, Jamnagar, Jaipur and Delhi by railways.

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