Gujarat - Rajkot and Gondal - A Tourist's Guide


The picturesque Rajkot, once popularly known as an independent state of Jadeja Rajput dynasty, has countless numbers of tourists’ attractions. It is a city which was closely associated with the name of Mahatma Gandhi. His father once was the prime minister of the state.

The city of Rajkot, located at an elevation of 120 meters, houses the Watson Museum right in the middle of the Jubilee Garden which is placed at the heart of the beguiling Rajkot. The museum is rich in its collection. Innumerable historical substances of Jon Watson, the political agent (1886-89) of British, are upholding the old traditions and are maintained in memory of Jon Watson. City dwellers know the museum as British Museum as well. The Long Library (1856) has also been built in the same edifice.

The Rajkumar College, amidst a beautiful natural locus, was built in 1875 and is situated at the roadside of Jawahar road. Only the royal family members were allowed to be a part of the education system of this college previously. It’s open now to all though.

An enamoring Lake and a riveting Park are there at the other end of the college. Built in 1875, the Alfrend is now renowned as Mahatma Gandhi High School.

Tourists who flock to Rajkot don’t ever miss the opportunity to witness the Indian history in the residence of the patriot Mahatma Gandhi. Each and every brick of this house carries the childhood memories of this great and inspiring leader. He spent his childhood days here in this house since 1881. Bal Mandir and the nursery school had been constructed here as his memorials.

The Kaba Gandhi Delo or the Gandhi Museum is there at the roadside of Kanta road. The impressive collection of this primeval museum can be witnessed during 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. except on Sundays.

Ramkrishna Mission Ashram, at the Yagnik Road, is a well shaped full-scale replica of Belur Math of West Bengal, India. Devotees find the peace of their minds watching the idol of Sri Ramkrishna here. If you book a room well in advance, then you can enjoy the peaceful ambience of the Ashram staying in the Ramkrishna Mission Ashram Guest House.

The Charitable Bird Hospital of Rajkot is the only one of its kind in India. It’s a praiseworthy initiative.

Drive your car all the way towards Bhavnagar. The destination is pretty Aji Dam, about 8 km away from Rajkot. This has now become the lifeline of the city as it supplies water to the entire city of Rajkot. The nearby bridge on Aji River, built in 1910 by Kaisar-i-Hind, has everything to draw your attention as well.

The places around the riveting Lalpari Lake, about 5 km away from Rajkot, are the charming spots for all the holiday makers who love to spend a quality time with their family members in the middle of serene environs. Sit quietly on the banks of the Lake to enjoy the splendor of the flying birds which assemble here, especially during winters. Thousands of colorful and vivacious birds fly around and add color to the pretty nature. The zoo, near the dam, would bring a broad smile on the sweet faces of your children. It’s an agreeable spot for the picnic and outing lovers.

Very quickly the city of Rajkot is transforming into an industrial city too. It’s a bright name in Gujarat in producing almonds. Women would love to purchase trendy Bandhni Saris of Rajkot. Shops at the roadside of Dharmendra Road would probably be the best places to buy these saris and fulfill your desires. An ice-cream from Bishram or Rainbow would add up spice to your trip of Rajkot.

The Ranjit Vilas Palace in Wankaner is now a hotel which offers you attractive packages to enjoy your stay amidst the royal ambience. About 50 km away towards the north- eastern side of Rajkot, the stately Ranjit Vilas Palace, has a well shaped historical structure and was erected during 1899-1914.

Spend some time in Jasdan, an independent state of 3rd century. The nearby Hingolgadh Sanctuary demonstrates the love and affection of the Jain communities towards animals.

Watching singular and unique collection of antiques is an enticing experience on any given day. You can easily enrich your experience watching these primeval antique items at Hindolgadh. For that you need to stay in the Town Palace. Apart from that, you can enjoy your stay at Hingolgadh Castle as well.

A class-apart attraction for all the spiritual crowds is Trinetreshwar Mahadev Temple. You have to drive your car for 8 km from Than Junction railway station to hit the holy Trinetreshwar Mahadev temple. Than Junction railway station, about 68 km away towards the north- eastern side of Rajkot, is located on the railway track of Hapa- Ahmadabad. The divine premise of the temple can also be accessed by bus from Ahmadabad, Surendranagar and Chotila.

Take a bath in the water of the adjoining well of the Trinetreshwar Mahadev temple to shed your sins. It is believe that the water flows into the well from the holy River, the Ganges. The annual fair, held during the month of September, pulls huge crowds every year. If you want to walk away from your mundane daily life, then you have a choice to visit the Tarnetar Fair to watch traditional folk events. Colorful and well ornamented umbrella, placed on the premise of the fair is attractive.

For few days during the fair, a colony is formed to accommodate interested tourists in Kathiawar. A 3 days long package tour of TCGL is organized from Ahmadabad during the fair.

Gondal: Gondal, the ancient independent state of Jadeja Rajput dynasty, is situated at a distance of 68 km towards the north- eastern side of Rajkot. Once it was a popular destination for the students for its innovative and excellent education systems. Everyone had to compulsorily be a part of the free-of-cost education system.

Naulakha Palace, erected during 17th century, is a class-apart commemorative. It depicts excellent architectural flair and elegance. Darbar hall of the palace is marvelous. The collection of vintage cars of the royal family is laudable as well. Railway track was introduced for the very first time in Gondal during the ruling period (1884- 1944) of Bhagat Singh. The book called Arya Medical College was written in 9 different segments. The entry to the palace is restricted to the tourists who purchase tickets spending 50 rupees each. Watch the exhibition of the vintage cars spending 100 rupees. The extravagance and historical evidences of the palace can be watched during 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and during 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Bird watchers would be having an enthralling time watching innumerable migratory birds, such as, Pelican and Flamingo, on the banks of the riveting Veri Lake. Taking delight in boating on the water surface of the Lake certainly is not a bad idea.

The neighboring Bhubaneshwari Ayurvedic Dispensary, built in 1910, is quite popular in the vicinity.

The Swami Narayan Temple recalls the historical days of 20th century.

For staying overnight at Gondal, you can book room either in Riverside Palace or in Orchard Palace. Both of these heritage hotels are very good service providers. The Orchard palace, amidst a beguiling fruit garden, would offer you an opportunity to enjoy a pleasing walk in the evening.

How to reach: Rajkot is well connected to various parts of India both by bus and by trains. Trains are regularly traveling to Rajkot from Jamnagar, Okha, Dwarka, Porbandar, Veraval, Junagadh, Jabalpur, Secunderabad, Coimbatore, Howrah and Ahmadabad. Buses also ply to Rajkot from Somnath, Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, Die, Palitana and Porbandar.

Where to stay: Hotel Tulsi, King Palace, Galaxy Hotel, Hotel Jayson, Hotel Aditya, Hotel Kavery, Hotel Mohit International, Hotel Ratnadweep, Hotel Sadhana, Angel’s Hotel and Hotel Royal Inn.

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