Gujarat - Saputara - The Only Hill Station



The one and only hill station of Gujarat, Saputara, is located at an elevation of 872.9 meters of Sahyadri hill and was the homeland of the Naga kings.

Dangs tribes enjoy their stay amidst the deep and opaque forest of Saputara in an agreeable and tranquil ambiance. To witness the spectacle of the sunrise and the sunset, sit quietly in an elevated land of Saputara. The pleasing and sought after tourists’ destinations of Saputara are Eco point, Museum, Artist Village and Valley View Point (1 ½ km).

The Rose Garden and Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, atop the hill, are the other prime allurements of Saputara. To watch the beautiful sunset you have to travel to the Sunset point riding on a cable car. You can watch the natural sight from a different perspective from the cable car. It’s a 10 minutes journey to the sunset point from Saputura cable car station. It looks lovely when the soaring Saputara hill enjoys a bath in the colorful sun light. The vista truly is amazing.

It is believed that the Hindu mythological character, Rama Chandra had spent 11 long years, out of 14 years of his exile here in Saputara.

You can watch the magnificence of the city during Nag Panchami on the banks of the Sarpaganga River. Tribes from various parts of Gujarat assemble on the banks for worshiping snakes during this time. The festivity significantly demonstrates the cultural and traditional ceremonies of the tribes.

Trekking lovers would enjoy the time while trekking higher up to the Gira waterfall. If you are unwilling to walk, then you always have an option of taking a car to the waterfall from Saputara.

Don’t waste an opportunity of taking pleasure in boating on the Saputara Lake as well.

Shambars, Boars, different kinds of deer, peacocks and many more natural denizens freely walk in and around the woods of Saputara. Watching the natural grandeur standing in the middle of the dark forest would be an engrossing experience for one and all. This is why Saputara pulls crowds all over the year in huge numbers. The weather is pleasant as well. The temperature here generally stays around 28 degrees Celsius in summers where as the temperature hovers around 16 degrees Celsius in winters. The hillock experiences 1540 to 3200 mm of rain falls in an entire year.

Gujarat tourism conducts a packaged tour to the Gira waterfalls, Jabda and Dungs forest from the Saputara Toran Resort.

If you visit Saputara, then don’t forget to visit Ahwaha village, about 43 km away from Saputara, to witness the time-honored tribal festival, Dungs Darbar.

If you want to purchase something to recall the trip, then you can buy Bamboo Handicrafts.

How to reach: Even though the city of Saputara is located in the region of the state of Gujarat but the best place through which Saputara can be easily accessed is the Nasik road, Maharashtra. Saputara is well connected though by bus to Surat, Nasik, Bardoli and Surat. Mumbai and Ahmadabad are located at a distance of 385 km and 405 km away from Saputara respectively.

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