Haryana, the state of India was formed on 1st November, 1966 with a particular area of Punjab. Most of the inhabitants of this territory used to speak and communicate with others with their very own dialect, Hindi.

The rectangular shaped state, Haryana, is surrounded by Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh in its north, west, south and eastern sides. A number of Tourists Complexes with modern services and amenities are specially built on the premise of Haryana for the swarms of holiday makers.

Some of the coveted destinations which are very commonly accessed by all the visitors of Haryana are Surajkund, Badkhal Lake, Sultanpur, Damdama Lake, Panipat, Kurukshetra, Karua Lake, Kaleswar Wildlife Sanctuary and Pinjore Garden. A number of renowned hotels, such as, Skylark, Parakeet, Kingfisher, accommodate all the tourists. Each of these hotels is named according to the names of birds. Countless numbers of native and migratory birds fly in and around the places of Haryana. It’s a sought after destination for various bird lovers and bird watchers as well.

Baisakhi, celebrated in mid April, has now become a famous festivity of Haryana. The enticement of this particular festival pulls crowds in abundance from different parts of India every year.

According to the popular belief, Haryana once was the divine paradise of holy deities. The well-known battle ground of Kurukshetra is located in Haryana and is carrying loads of historical memories and evidences. Dwellers of Haryana still are very dexterous and skillful in martial arts. The dedication and contribution of the inhabitants of Haryana in the freedom fight of 1857 were significant and praiseworthy.

Haryana has been a revolutionary state of India in agricultural works. Even though it was not a rich agricultural state at the very beginning but later on, with hard works and passion it became a self dependent agricultural state. Haryana had gained its reputation in producing dairy products. A large part of income of India comes from the contribution of Haryana as a state.

Tree plantations and establishing a road network across the border, are two laudable initiatives of the Haryana Government. Inhabitants are getting benefits from both of these programs now.

The geographical location of Haryana is not very different as compared to that of the neighboring state, Punjab. The head quarter of both the states, Punjab and Haryana, is situated in Chandigarh. Haryana is ranked 20th and 16th in India according to its volume and population respectively.

A number of travel agents organize trips to various places of Haryana. Tourists who are interested to travel to different corners of Haryana can hire a car from these travel agents for a comfortable trip. Buses also ply from one corner to the other of the state.

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