Haryana: Pinjore or Pinjaur - A Traveller's Guide


 Pinjore :

The oldest and very unique ground of India, Pinjore, is located at the foothill of Shivalik. Positioned on NH- 22, Pinjore, is not more than 20 km away from Chandigarh.

Formed during 17th century in 7 consequent stages, the Pinjore ground was a magnificent creation of Fidai Khan, the Governor of Punjab. Later on, the name of this enthralling ground was changed to Yadavindra Ground to commemorate the emperor of Patiala. Three historical palaces, erected by Fidai Khan, recollect old memories of his wife. All these fascinating fortresses were promoted with zeal and passion by Patiala rulers subsequently. To access different palace corners holiday makers have to climb up numerous slopes. The grandeur of different rooms of these palaces still draws attention of the throng of tourists and historians. Sheesh Mahal depicts wonderful and artistic blending of Mughal and Rajasthani architectures. Rang Mahal and Jal Mahal are not very far away from the inspiring and imposing Sheesh Mahal. Different Mahals are placed one after the other on the premise. The Pinjore ground is festooned with fountains. A lot of entertainment and amusement items are scattered on the ground for the pleasure and contentment of the tourists. The fountain of Pinjore is praiseworthy for its impressiveness. Tourists, however, would only be able to witness the sumptuousness of the fountain on Sundays.

According to the mythological belief, Pandavas had stayed here in Pinjore for few days during their exile. The name of this place at that period was Panchpur or Panchpura according to the name of Pandavas. Gradually, this spot became a known destination to the tourists as Pinjore.

Besides the historical spots, Pinjore also houses a mini zoo, a sanctuary, bird sanctuary, children park and orchards. Orchards of Pinjore demonstrate Japanese touch and art forms.

The holy temple of Bhima Devi on NH- 22 is classical and ancient evidence (9-11th century). Besides Shiva, the throne of this consecrated temple used to showcase five other deities. This is one of charming and sought after attraction for spiritual crowds even today.

The archeological department has done a creditable and admirable job as they discovered the distinguished and primeval evidences of pre- Harappa era in Kunal Village of Hisar District. Coins, 2 Silver crowns, Chain and many more Jewelries were excavated from this particular spot. The process of excavation is still on its way on the left banks of the Saraswati River since 1986. This particular spot, about 12 km away from the Bhuna City is covering a sprawling 33 acres of Land.

Nalagarh, about 35 km away from Pinjore, at the foothill of Himalaya, is a historical destination for the interested tourists. The very old and singular fort of Chand dynasty recalls the memories of the year, 1100. The Royal orchard, near the captivating fort is a prime tourists’ spot which is covering a huge 20 acres of Lands.

Nalagarh Fort Resort would be the best options for the tourists who want to stay here at Nalagarh. Buses to Nalagarh regularly are traveling from Delhi, Chandigarh, Pinjore and Ambala.

Morni Hills: Morni hill, about 8 km away from Pinjore, on NH-22, is located on the lap of nature at an altitude of 1130 meters. Even though the water stream of Saraswati River is not visible here but the paradise on earth is still hidden in the dimness of a series of pine and pipul trees. It’s a destination which showcases ancient and traditional evidences of pre-historic epoch. The entire terrain of this wonder land is covered up with different kinds of fruits and colorful flowers. The natural locale of this place is truly breathtaking. This is one of the best places where from you can catch a glimpse of ambling natural denizens. Tourists would be able to enjoy every bit of their stay at Morni Hills. Watching animated birds and listening to their concert would be startling and enticing experience for one and all for sure. This is a pretty and appealing destination for a small week end trip. This is a destination which is away from the gripe and grime of boring cities.

For getting pleasure in nature and for staying close to nature for few days, tourists can book their rooms in different hotels like Morni Resorts and Mountain Quail Resort.

How to reach Pinjore: Pinjore is well connected by bus from Chandigarh, Kalka Railway Station and Ambala.

Where to stay at Pinjore: Old Motel of Haryana Tourism, Rang Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, New Motel, Maharaja Suit, Yadavindra Gardens Budgerigar Motel and Hotel Batara.

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