Himachal Pradesh: Baijnath, Palampur and Devi Chamunda Temple


Baijnath, Palampur and Devi Chamunda Temple:

While going to Dharmashala from Jogindernagar, en route will be Baijnath at a height of 1360 meters. The beautiful place has the Dhauladhar mountain in the backdrop, and the Ashapuri range in the front. The binwa river flows below.
Baijnath is an important Hindu religious destination as it has one of the 12 Yotirlingas, the Baidyanath Shiva. The temple was built in 804 AD. There are 16 other temples too, in the vicinity.
Shivratri is the major festival here. You can keep your luggage safely at any of the shops below, visit the temple, and come back  It doesnot take more than 30 minutes to an hour to visit the temple. There is no need to stay here. A few Dharamshalas are there to stay if you are interested.

                                                          Baijnath Temple

                                                          Baijnath Temple                          


Palampur: After Baijnath, your next destination is Palampur. Here, the Kangra valley meets the snow covered Dhauladhar Mountain. The climate is healthy, soothes your body and mind. The place is famous for its tea gardens. Produce is exported as well as sent to different parts of the country.
The Neugal Gauge, a waterfall that reaches its prime in the and after the rainy season, picks up snote pebbles and stones and throws them in the Bundela river below, makes for a unique and mesmerizing scene. HPTDC have built Neugal cafe and Hotel the Neugal here.

You can also check out the Tibetan monastery at a distance of 12 kilometers and the Gopalpur National Park, at a distance of 16 kilometers. If you are interested in Hang gliding, then travel to Vir (15 kilometers) and from Vir, travel another 14 kilometers to reach Billing.

There is also an artist's village called Andretta, 14 kilometers to the west of Palampur. Many artists like Norah Rishards, Sobha Singh,B.C. Sanyal have built their houses at this village. The museum here has beautiful paintings by various artists.

If you want to stay at Palampur, then try for HPTDC's The Tea bud. You can also try our hotel booking links below.

Chamunda Devi Temple:
25 kilometers from Palampur and 13 kilometers from Dharamshala is the Chamunda Devi temple and is a must visit not only for all Hindus but for all nature lovers. Just 1 kilometer from the Bus road, the temple is surrounded on three sides by the white, priestline Dhauladhar. The temple is atleast 700 years old. There is a Shiva cave at the back of the temple.  There is a spring too. You will have to cross the Banganga river to reach the Durga temple. Over enthusiasts can trek another 16 kilometers to reach the place where Devi had slain the demons Chanda and Munda. Not many people stay here either, but never the less, HPTDC has a rest house here too, called Yatri Niwas, Phone : 01892 – 236065

Tapovan: Just 10 kilometers from Dharamshala is Tapovan, built by Swami Chinmayanandaji. You can check out the Hanuman temple, the Shiv Lingam and other temples. The prime attraction here is the white marble temple of Ram Laxman and Site. The serenity of the place will reach your soul.

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