A travel guide to Kasauli

The beautiful serene small town of Kasauli is located 16km from Kalka. In the early times, British India built a Health resort in this tiny town. The forest of pine, oak and chestnut extend to all sides of Kasauli. The height is 1927meters.

Kasauli, himachal pradeshIt's 11 km from Dharampur (1630 meter). Birds of various kinds nest here in summer time. The view of the Himalayas in the north and Chandigarh on the south can hold you in a spell. Weekends trips in summer, to Kasauli, are frequent. However, the rates are higher during this time. This is definitely an alternative to crowded Shimla, Nainital or Musoori.

The Central Research Institute, made by Dr. Semple is in Kasauli. Tourists are allowed to visit every tuesdays.For any other day; special permission is required from the director. Research is conducted on serious illness such as, cholera, typhoid, chicken pox, rabies, etc.

There is also a public school worth mentioning. Sir Henry Lawrence had originally built this institution. It is still fully functional. Apart from that, Lower and Upper Mall, Monkey Point (7500 foot high), Baba Balaknath Temple, Sirdi Sai Baba's Temple and Churches are other wonderful joints for a trip.

Gilbert Hill is at a distance of 6.4km. The sight of the forests and hills, enveloped in green from here is mesmerizing.

How to reach: Bus services and narrow gauge rail are the means to reach Kasauli.

Where to stay: Kasauli club resorts and many other budget hotels are available for stay. The Heritage Hotel is on the lower mall road.

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